What Economic Benefits Hemp Plant can Bring to Kenya?

Although there have been decades of activism to support the regulatory changes and allow the hemp farming in Kenya, the efforts are yet to bear any fruits. Previous governments have stood their ground on ensuring that hemp cultivation remains outlawed in Kenya.

While the Kenya government is keen to let the Kenyans know the side effects of marijuana, it does not seem to tell the Kenyans about the economic value that the cultivation of the plant may bring to the country.

According to one of the presidential hopefuls, Wajackoyah, the legalization of the hemp plant in the country can make it feasible for the country to clear its debts with China. If he takes over the next government on 9/8/2022, bhang and hemp plant cultivation will become legal in Kenya.

But what is the economic value of the hemp plant that makes the presidential hopeful, Wajackoyah, believe it can help solve most of the problems in Kenya? Here is a list of the top ten economic values of the hemp plant.

10 Economic Benefits of Hemp Plant

1. Clothes from the hemp plant are pretty durable than cotton clothing. In addition, hemp clothing is more cost-effective, which means that it can add a substantial value to the textile industry in Kenya.

2. Hemp-based material can be helpful in the construction industry to replace wood. Trees take many years to mature and cutting them down significantly impacts the environment negatively. Moreover, the construction materials from hemp are lighter, stronger, and more durable than wood.

3. Hemp is an excellent source of protein and can offer numerous other health benefits at a low cost.

4. It is easy to grow and cultivate hemp, and it can grow in any location with few resources

5. Research has shown that the cultivation of hemp is excellent for water conservation, and it can allow farmers to spend less on irrigation.

6. Hemp cultivation offers small-scale farmers an opportunity for significant economic benefits as it is easy to cultivate.

7. The market for CBD oil has grown tremendously, hitting a billion-dollar economy in the US alone. Therefore, farmers growing the hemp plant will likely yield more profits in the future than farmers specializing in any other product.

8. The hemp plant can be an excellent, sustainable, low-cost fuel source.

9. The hemp plant produces a quality hemp-based paper that is relatively superior to its substitutes and is more environmentally friendly.

10. The hemp can play a significant role on the global stage in assisting the impoverished communities in overcoming poverty.


Undoubtedly, the cultivation of the hemp plant comes with numerous economic benefits. However, it is essential to wait until it is legalized in Kenya before Kenyans can consider its cultivation for economic purposes.