21 Side Effects of Marijuana and Its Products

The use of Marijuana dates back to ancient times. Marijuana originates from the Asian continent around the Himalayas. Precisely, the first people to discover its applications came from the Taiwan area. Although Marijuana has immense benefits to human, it is still illegal in many countries. Most people argue that its side effects are more destructive than its benefits. 

Marijuana is mostly the parts of the cannabis plant, which are dried and shredded. The elements that makeup Marijuana include flowers, leaves, stem, and seeds. Cannabis and its products have both positive and negative implications for human beings and animals. 

Legality of Marijuana

Adverse effects of Marijuana are weightier than its benefits. That is why cannabis remains illegal in most countries. Even those states that allowed it for medical use still impose strict laws to control how people use it. Marijuana has a high percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol elements which has psychoactive qualities. FDA requires its derivatives to contain less than 0.3% THC. 

Most of the effects of Marijuana are short-term, although some are long-term and very damaging. Smoking marijuana causes the highest number of negative effects on its users. Its derivatives, however, do not have many harmful effects. Even passive smokers do suffer some of these negative effects. Read on to understand the side effects of Marijuana and its products.

1. Addiction

Smoking Marijuana is very addictive. It reaches a time when long-term smoker cannot do anything without using it. There has been a long debate about whether Marijuana is physically or psychologically addictive. The answer is that both are true. People who use potent strains that have high levels of THC suffer the effects of the psychoactive ingredients. They get used to being ‘high’ until it becomes a routine. Such people do not feel at ease when they are not high. Therefore, they use Marijuana and its extracts to get into their normal zone. When a person is dependent on Marijuana, he or she becomes less productive.

2. Memory Loss

Most marijuana smokers experience acute memory loss. When the brain relies on THC for the activity, it deteriorates in retention. That is why many marijuana smokers forget things quickly. 

Also, people who smoke potent cannabis strains like skunk do not remember things easily. Studies show people who use Marijuana daily for five years had poor memory compared to those who did not smoke in their middle ages. 

3. Social Anxiety Disorders 

Social anxiety disorders affect people who smoke weed, and this affects their lives negatively. Regular use of weed leads to many mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. When an individual is consistent in smoking marijuana, they get angry quickly, and their social life deteriorates drastically. 

People who use marijuana experience hard times trying to express themselves in a multitude of people. Their mental stability stumbles and their social behaviour changes as the damage trudges on.

4. Paranoia

One of the most common characteristics of weed smokers is that they are always paranoid. They have unreal fears that generate from the brain. Marijuana affects the brain in a way that their insecurities go overboard. The psychoactive qualities of weed cause paranoia which is a false sensory perception. 

Paranoia is simply the change in perception that comes as a result of excess THC in the brain system. The elements of THC bring up slight hallucinogenic effects which generate misleading illusions. So the brain sends what it perceives to be insecurity which is inexistent in reality.

5. Heart Damage 

The heart is a tough organ that can deal with all sorts of pressures. When the pressures become consistent and high, the heart gets worn out. Although there is a serious stereotype that Marijuana mellows people out, it raises your heart rate for more two hours. 

People who consume a lot of Marijuana are prone to strokes at some point in their lives. The extreme excitement brought by Marijuana can damage your heart over some time.

6. Lung Problems

Marijuana releases the same range of chemicals as tobacco when you smoke it. Using Marijuana over a long period causes several respiratory issues. Some of these problems are airway inflammation, difficulty in breathing, wheezing and increased clogging of the breathing tracts. When the condition persists, your lung develops complex problems that are hard to treat.

7. Low Testosterone

Many people argue that cannabis and its derivatives help to increase testosterone. Most people get it wrong because CBD elements are the ones responsible for improving sex performance. Marijuana has high levels of THC, which may become toxic to your sex life in the long run. 

High levels of THC in most modern strains of Marijuana cause a reduction in the production of testosterone. Low testosterone leads to sluggishness, low libido, and weight gain. The level of testosterone returns to normal when you stop using Marijuana. In some cases, it can cause severe sexual dysfunction.

8. Appetite Irregularities

Using Marijuana affects people differently. Some will lose appetite and others will have increased appetite. There are users of pot that do not eat once they have used. Some experience extreme appetite which is not healthy. Cannabinoids in cannabis affect the cells in your brain which deal with appetite. The cells tell the brain when you are hungry or full. 

After using Marijuana for a longer period, the messages sent to the brain are usually false. The cells tell the brain that you are full when you have not fed on any. So the depending on the way the cells work after smoking pot your body adapts to that. This lead leads to weight gain or weight loss, depending on the person.

9. Risk of Greater Potency

Even though strict laws are governing the use of Marijuana in states where it is legal, certain strains hurt people significantly. Some strains have extreme amounts of THC, which causes more harm to users. Consuming weed that has exceptionally high psychoactive qualities can cause damage to every organ in your body. Potent edibles cause more damage than extracts. 

10. Decreases Motor Responses

The cannabinoids and other elements found in Marijuana mainly affect the systems attached to the brain. They heavily affect the endocannabinoid system. In some cases, the consumption of Marijuana and its derivatives causes a decline in motor responses. People who depend on weed show delayed reactions to stimuli. 

The impairment in motor coördination and reaction comes as a result of excessive excitement brought by THC. Some can get hurt and not feel the pain, and when the brain clears up, they start feeling pain. 

11. Poor decision-making

When an individual is high as a result of Marijuana, they make stupid decisions which come to haunt them later. Some of these decisions are life-threatening. Excessive smoking of weed leads to different thinking. Poor decision-making, as a result of weed-smoking causes accidents, violence, and many other negative implications. A stoned person will make hasty judgments without thinking about the consequences. Poor decision-making comes in to play due to the excitement brought in by the psychoactive elements of Marijuana.

12. Bronchitis

Bronchitis causes very many death all around the world. It affects both active and passive marijuana smokers. People who use high potent weed strains are likely to develop bronchitis. Smoking marijuana causes severe inflammation of the mucous membrane, which causes clogging of the breathing tracts. 

Refined cannabis extracts like broad-spectrum CBD oils help to remedy the inflammation. When ingested wholly, Marijuana causes bronchitis which is hard to treat.

13. Lung Irritation

Most lung irritation cases come from tobacco and marijuana smoking. Various Marijuana strain produces irritants which include some carcinogens which burn the mouth and the throat. Irritation can cause a change of voice and difficulty in breathing. Continuous lung irritation leads to ulcers which develop to become cancer. 

15. Weak Immune System

Using high potent weed strain, especially by smoking, can lead to weakened immunity. Most marijuana users are prone to colds and other minor ailments because their immunity becomes weaker because of its effects on tetrahydrocannabinol qualities. According to research, smoking Marijuana suppresses the body’s immunity by a great deal. That is why most marijuana users are susceptible to many types of cancer and even minor infections.

16. Higher Heart Rate

Prolonged use of Marijuana increases your heart rate by 20 to 50 BPM. Increased heartbeat causes so many heart complication, most of which can cost your life. For instance, a high heart rate can lead to a stroke or wreckage of the nerves. When the nerves burst due to high pressure, more problems emanate beneath the skin. A higher heart rate can as well lead to extreme anxieties which affect your sex and social life. 

17. Red Eyes 

All types of cannabis plants have essential elements that help to increase the flow of blood. Increasing the flow of blood allows people with low blood pressure. However, this can lead to reddening of the eye. This is the reason most weed smokers have red eyes. Red eyes paint a negative image of you in any social setting. 

18. Tumour Growth 

The persistent use of Marijuana causes potential interference with tumour growth. Not all tumours are cancerous. Smoking marijuana can make them grow into cancer.

19. Changes in DNA

Marijuana can change the genetic composition of human cells. Smoking cannabis for an extended period leads to the damaging of human DNA. Changing the genetic composition can mean installing a cancer gene in cells which becomes generational even though the fore-parents did not have genetic cancers.

20. Affects Pregnancy

Pregnant mothers who use Marijuana and its products normally develop complication when giving birth. These products can as well hurt the unborn baby. Marijuana can interfere with the development of the fetus during pregnancy. Some babies are born with other organs not fully developed, while others become mentally-retarded. Marijuana also interferes with the brain development of the young ones.

21. Gum Disease Risk

Many studies show that smoking cannabis and its derivatives increase the risk of developing gum disease. Marijuana users who consume high potent strains risk gum diseases regardless of whether they smoke it or take it topically. Always make sure that you source your cannabis derivatives from a reliable developer to avoid such diseases.

21. Cannabis Withdrawal

Abrupt withdrawal from the use of Marijuana is usually uncomfortable, although it is not life-threatening. Usually, withdrawal starts on the second day after you stop using Marijuana. Withdrawal sign can continue up to several weeks before you start acting normally. 

Here are some of the common symptoms of withdrawal as a result of abrupt pulling out of weed smoking.

  1. Anxiety
  2. Irritability
  3. Insomnia
  4. Stomach pain
  5. Decreased appetite

In some case, sleep difficulties can persist past that time frame.

The full magnitude of long-term health dangers of chronic marijuana use is still unknown. There are no specific criteria to tell who develops severe physical, psychological, and other unwanted reactions from using Marijuana.

Ways to use Marijuana other Than Smoking It

As you can see, Marijuana is very harmful when smoked. It is healthful when ingested in other forms. The FDA requires CBD developers to ensure that their entire product has less than 0.3% THC. The best way you can get the best off cannabis plant without hurting your health is through:

  • Vaping it
  • Cooking it with food
  • Using as a body oil or using tinctures
  • Make it with tea
  • Using it topically or oral marijuana extracts


Marijuana is an excellent remedy for many maladies. Together with its products, it helps to mitigate health conditions like chronic pain linked with arthritis and other medical conditions. You can as well use Marijuana to reduce tissue inflammation, glaucoma, and nausea during chemotherapy. Ultimately, Marijuana has its positive and negative sides. It depends on how you choose to use it. The best way to get the most of out of Marijuana is through using its industrial products like tinctures, balms, and gummies.

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