Populum 2020 Comprehensive Review

Many people have heard of CBD oil and its purported benefits to both human and animal health. The reason why it is somewhat hard to get the right product for your condition is that many brands are not doing what they are supposed to do. Doing your own research can, by far, help you to identify an ideal product for your particular condition. Read this review to know whether or not to invest in C products.

 Populum CBD: Company Information

Populum is a vibrant and innovative CBD company from Tempe, Arizona, that specializes in making legal CBD oil products from naturally-grown hemp. The company was started by Gunhee Park in 2016.

Their name originates from the Latin phrase “Ad Populum,” which means “for the people.” They are clear on their mission, which is to make CBD products to help people. The company also wants to stop the stigma that has been revolving around hemp and its benefits.

They have tried to partner with the local Colorado farmers to produce their raw whole-plant hemp. They are dedicated to providing information about these products for the public to be aware of. Populum CBD manufactures full-spectrum, potent, and safe CBD oils for people with different chronic conditions.

Gunhee Park discovered that hemp has some of the amazing benefits to people and pets in 2015. He immediately embarked on a journey to start a company that cares about people’s health. Since then, they have advanced to become a household name because of the marketing and products they offer.

Their proprietary technology extracts and removes all the unwanted elements that provide potent products. All their products are then refined in a GMP facility where all products are tested and packaged with care. Finally, the packages are dispatched to needy customers through their online store. Read more about Populum and its CBD products in the sections below.

Populum CBD Mission

Populum CBD is on a noble mission of letting the mainstream understand and appreciate the health benefits of CBD, which for years, has been stigmatized. The company believes that its efforts to provide safe and efficacy will help them prove that CBD is a great natural remedy for many ailments.

Sourcing Populum CBD Hemp

The company uses all-natural and non-GMO hemp, which is grown in Colorado by the local US farmers. They can monitor the farming practices, which allow them to produce safe products. 

Manufacturing Process of Populum CBD

Populum claims to manufacture high-quality hemp that is sourced from US farms using organic and non-GMO farming practices. After the harvesting and transportation are done, they use a clean distillate process to extract important hemp derivatives.

Usually, this distillation process occurs in two steps: Food grade ethanol extraction and Fractional distillation. The only problem is the use of ethanol because some impurities may find their way to the extracts. The reason for using this method is because it helps to clean oil waxes, chlorophyll, and lipids. The two processes ensure that the spectrum oil has high quantities of both phytocannabinoids and terpenes.

Lab tests

Unfortunately, they do not provide third party tab results on their website. However, they include the test results together with every package they ship. This is not a preference for most customers because they want to check the details of the product before they place an order. 

Third-party lab testing is meant to check for impurities and the potency of the CBD products. They also claim that all their products are gluten-free and safe for human use. However, remember that their capsules contain gelatin, which is a ‘no’ for vegan and vegetarian patients.

All in all, they provide third party results which are done in the Analytical 360 firm labs. Always look at trace levels of THC before you use the product (less than 0.3% THC does not affect).

Populum CBD Product Categories

Populum has an extensive CBD product lineup that is available on their website. Take a close look at the top Populum CBD products.

1. Hemp CBD Oil

Their full-spectrum CBD oil is blended with grapeseed oil and coconut oil as a carrier for faster absorption. It is also flavored with the orange essential oils. This product is available in a 30 ml bottle with strengths of (250, 500, and 1,000).

 2. Hemp CBD capsules

The gluten-free gelatin capsule has 25 ml of full-spectrum CBD oil in every capsule. Each bottle has 30 doses. They are not recommended for vegans.

3. Cold therapy rub

Cold menthol rub has 0.9 ml of full-spectrum CBD per ml. Other botanical constituents like arnica, aloe Vera, and chamomile are thought to increase the soothing effects.

4. Zen pets calm hemp

It is 100 milligrams full-spectrum CBD oil, which is blended with natural hemp seed oil and MCT oil. It is meant pets.

5. Starter kit

Every new buyer is given a starter kit to help them find products that could work for them (250mg bottle of full-spectrum hemp oil, Zen pets calm oil, and cold menthol hemp rub.

Pros and possible Benefits of Populum Products

Here are some of the pros that you may get if you choose Populum CBD products:

  1.  It offers a 30-day trial.
  2. Organic and non-GMO products
  3. Wide product range
  4.  Provide lab test results on delivery.
  5.  Free shipping.
  6.  20% discount for monthly subscribers.
  7.  25% discount for the veterans.
  8.  Products made with all-natural complementary ingredients.


  1.  It does not provide online test results.
  2. Product tabs are somewhat confusing.
  3. It offers fewer product strengths compared to most brands.
  4. Their CBD capsules have gelatin, which is not ideal for vegans and vegetarians.
  5. Do not guarantee 0% THC. However, all products have less than 0.3% THC.


In general, Populum is a legit CBD company that you should not feel insecure when shopping. Although they do not provide lab results on their online store, they still ensure you get a copy of results on delivery of the package. Always start with small doses to weigh how your body reacts to some of the products. Make sure you consult a doctor before buying Populum CBD products.

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