OrganaBus CBD Oil Review

The new health wave of using CBD products to solve various conditions seems to be the order of the century. Many natural remedies are coming and disappearing, but CBD products are here to stay. For thousands of years, many societies around the world have been using marijuana to solve many health problems, including malnutrition.

Scientists believe that CBD Oil could be having many benefits, and many people are investing in this industry. However, not all companies comply with FDA requirements. It is, therefore, essential to research about the product you are about to buy. In this review, you will learn everything about OrganaBus as a company and what it has to offer. Let’s go!

 About The Company: OrganaBus

OrganaBus CBD is a company that mainly focuses on manufacturing vapor liquids. The company also offers CBD drops, capsules, gummies, and more. According to their users, OrganaBus CBD products are quality, but the company lacks transparency. That compromises everything because it is hard to believe a company that does not disclose relevant information about the operations and products. Maybe they do see the need for revealing vital information, but it raises eyebrows.  

There are quite several variables that may go wrong while manufacturing a CBD product. That is why every company needs to be open so that the clients can make better decisions. OrganaBus extracts CBD from whole raw hemp using the supercritical CO2 method. The company has a wide assortment of CBD products, which includes typical favorites and CBD nasal inhalers, which are rare.



Key Highlights

  1. It offers a diverse product range that consists of more than 14 different items.
  2. Sells 20 different vapor-liquid flavor variations
  3. A flat shipping rate of $5 across the US



This company does not disclose any information about what they represent. They also do not claim to bring anything new to the industry. A dedicated company is one that knows what it wants to achieve and is always ready to share with its customers. For OrganaBus, they do not fancy any of that. 

All they do is only preach about organic ingredients that they use in manufacturing all their products, which is what everyone else is doing in the market. However, we can on their behalf that they are here to offer the most organic products as their brand name suggest. We cannot confirm these because there is not tangible prove.


Hemp Source


Most companies prefer disclosing information about the areas where they get their raw hemp. This is unlikely with OrganaBus because they neither disclose their source of hemp nor the third-party lab test results.

If a given CBD company does not provide its Certificates of Analysis (CoAs) to the public, make sure you inquire first before placing an order. Most clients care to see these results because it is a form of legitimizing the products. The lack of transparency is what harms this company’s reputation.

Maybe the company gets its already extracted CBD products in bulk from other manufacturing companies. If this is what they do, then they do not have an idea of the quality of their products.

The Innovation of OrganaBus

OrganaBus is famous for offering some of the unique CBD products in their product line. However, they are doing very little in pushing some of their most significant innovations. There are mixed reviews about their nasal inhalers in regards to the formulation. The company can become a leader in the industry if they try to rebrand and do their things the right way.


The Safety of OrganaBus Products

There are not many complaints about the shopping experience with the company. However, the shopping experience is generally average. The reason being, they do not provide information about themselves and the products they offer. The website can be safe to use, but the products may not safe because there are no in-house or third-party lab test results. They also do not give information about the ingredients they use to make their products. 


Customer Service

One good thing with OrganaBus is that they have a very proactive customer care team. According to most users, they get answers to their queries with a maximum of 48 hours. The return policy is hidden between the terms and conditions. Moreover, they do not provide sufficient information about this policy. This also raises more queries.


OrganaBus Product Range 


The Organabus product catalog is a rich one consisting of more than 14 different items. This incredible amount of choices makes the company one of the most diverse CBD companies in the business.

Here are some of the headlining items that OrganaBus offers:


  1. Organic” CBD E-liquids (VG and natural flavoring).
  2. Terpene-Infused CBD Vape Oil
  3. CBD Oil Tinctures
  4. CBD Capsules
  5. CBD Nasal Inhalers
  6. CBD Vape Pens
  7. CBD Dab Wax and Isolate
  8. CBD for Pets
  9. CBD Bath Bombs
  10. Crystals
  11. Oils
  12. Topicals

They claim that all their products come from organic ingredients, but no one can verify that. Therefore, stay alert when shopping at such a company that cannot authenticate whatever information they feed the public.


Why use Organabus CBD products

  • They may be natural and organic as they claim.
  • Most of their products are quite affordable.

Why you should avoid Organabus CBD products

  • It does not provide lab tests
  • No sourcing information
  • Not much about the extraction method
  • It cannot guarantee the efficacy

General Review of OrganaBus

OrganaBus is a CBD company that offers quality vapor liquids as they claim. However, their offerings are somewhat lackluster in almost all aspects. The company does not provide reasonable insights into their motivations for being in such a demanding industry.

They also do not allow the clients to verify the safety of the product before ordering. Lack of information about their source of raw hemp renders them an illegitimate and irresponsible company. Make sure you consult with your doctor before going for such items.

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