How Much CBD Should You Take?

When it comes to cannabidiol, figuring out how to take can be complex than it sounds. Although cannabis has been in the market for a long period, CBD products are recent, and stable dosing guidelines are yet to be established. However, most experts recommend that you start low doses for beginners and work your way up gradually. Furthermore, there seems to be no direct answer to how much CBD you should take. Nevertheless, the delivery method plays an essential role in determining your dosage. As such, every delivery has a different potential for the absorption of cannabinoids into your body, in a process known as bioavailability.

Therefore, before determining your dosage, you are required to know the amount of CBD present in a product indicated on the label. Moreover, taking CBD in an excessive dose will not necessarily offer additional benefits. On the other hand, if you take underdose, you may not have the help required, making it a waste of money. Below are some things you should understand before using CBD. They are factors that play a role in how much CBD you should consume;

Delivery Method

CBD can be ingested in various ways, and the form matters. It determines how much to take, how CBD is absorbed in your body, and how fast it takes effect. CBD products come in different forms, including oils and tinctures, vaping, pills, capsules, edibles, creams, and lotions. For instance, CBD gummies contain 5 milligrams per gummy, whereas CBD oils and tinctures have 1 milligram per drop. Similarly, edibles and capsules may take longer to take effect compared to spray or mixture.

Purpose of CBD

CBD is used for various treatments, from nausea to arthritis pain. Hence, your dosage will depend on what you are using it for. For example, it is recommended for arthritis to start slow as a few milligrams of sublingual CBD form twice a day and then double the dose after a week if you do not get pain relief. The same recommendation may not be relevant for other purposes. If  you want CBD oil to help increase your sex drive, then you may click on the highlighted link for more information.

Other medications

When you are on other medications, ensure that you know how much CBD you should take as per your doctor’s recommendation. Although CBD is well tolerated, it may change how a drug metabolizes. As such, it may interact with medications like immune suppressant drugs, antidepressants, and blood thinners. Therefore, ensure that you discuss with your physician before starting to use CBD.

What Is Bioavailability?

It denotes the amount of CBD that can be absorbed into your bloodstream. Foremost, vaping has the highest bioavailability, something that is renowned by drug companies. Furthermore, it has the same results as edibles, tinctures, and capsules while requiring you to consume less product and making it the most efficient delivery method. Tinctures are less effective compared to vapes but more than capsules and edibles. Additionally, edibles and tablets have the lowest bioavailability, whereas topicals fall between vapes and tinctures.

Below is a description of the common ways to take CBD and how to establish your dosage for each from;

For CBD vape juice

Vaping is one of the most effective CBD delivery methods. You can inhale in different ways, including CBD oil cartridges and vape juice. CBD tinctures come similar bottle styles and labels as vapes. Therefore, check to ensure that you have the right product designed for vaping. Your dosage will depend on CBD’s potency in the vape juice, usually indicated in milligrams on the bottle. To determine the CBD dose in vape juice, take the bottle’s size in mL and divide it by CBD potency on the bottle in mg. For instance, if you have a 35ml bottle with 1000mg CBD, divide 1000 by 35 to get 28 as the strength in per ml. hence, if your vape tanks hold 1ml, you will know how much CBD you have taken. Similarly, a 2ml tank will mean 56mg CBD, and so on.

For CBD oil and Tinctures

CBD oils are taken sublingually, meaning they are taken under the tongue. Please note that they are not ingested in a similar way as vaping; however, finding the dosage is identical. You will divide the CBD amount per bottle by the size in ml to get the CBD strength per ml. Furthermore, the bottles have a dropper that pulls 1ml of liquid when you squash the rubber bulb. Besides, the droppers usually have ml mark on them for your surety. For maximum effect, hold the tincture under your tongue for about 15-30 seconds for it to be absorbed in the blood vessels. Therefore, when you know how much CBD is contained per ml, you will learn how much to take.

For CBD capsules and edibles

CBD capsules and edibles are comparable in their effectiveness since both must pass through the digestion system. For this reason, the dosage for edibles and tablets is the same. The biggest advantage of using these delivery methods is that they have predetermined doses. Moreover, the exact amount per capsule or gummy is stated. However, if it displays the total CBD amount, you can divide it by using tablets or gummies per bottle. It will help you know the CBD amount in each one, which is important to note down.

For CBD topical

When applied topically, CBD can offer a range of benefits by using CBD creams, transdermal patches, and lotions. The patches are the most convenient for dosing since they are labeled and indicate how long they will be active. Therefore, by the end of the stated time, you will have received the required CBD amount for the patch into your bloodstream. On the other hand, creams and lotions are not precise, making it difficult to establish a CBD amount per intake. The recommended method is to start with small amounts and gradually increase until you get the relief.


At this point, you can identify the dosage for various CBD products. It all starts with knowing how much CBD is in the products and how much is being absorbed. From there, you will do some experimenting since you need to figure out how much CBD works with your body system, depending on the results you intend to achieve. Moreover, the best practice is to start low and increase gradually. At the same time, once you establish the least possible dosage that works for you, there is no point in overdoing it. However, if you are not getting enough, you can increase by 1-5mg until you achieve the right dosage.