15 Ways CBD Can Enhance Your Sexual Performance

CBD Oil and Mind-blowing  Sex


Everyone desires a joyful and stress-free life. One of the most exciting things about life is marriage. Sex makes relationships more enjoyable, meaningful and lifts the emotional connection between the two partners. Nowadays, most marriages are ending mainly because of emotional and physical detachment. 

Most relationships end because of infidelity, which comes as a result of emotional and physical detachment. When someone is not sexually satisfied, they will cheat or drop devotion towards the other person. There are many ways in which one can help to enhance their sex life.

Sex is a primal instinct which you a normal human being. Many factors make sex pleasurable and satisfying. For enjoyable sex, two individuals must develop an emotional and physical desire for each other. Even if there is a physical attachment, sex cannot be pleasant when the mind is not settled. Therefore, your emotional and physical stability determine the quality of sex you get. 

Side Effects of Viagra Resolved

People who do not get quality sex resolve to find boosters like Viagra. These sex boosters are valid, but they have appalling side effects. In the long run, they can kill your sexual performance or even affect your sex hormones. More people are going for a more natural sex booster. You can enhance your sex life by using cannabis or its extracts. Read on to understand more about the amazing relationship between CBD products and sex.

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Cannabis and Sexual Performance

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive component from the cannabis Sativa plant which may help to treat several maladies. The use of cannabis and its derivatives, particularly CBD, can as well help in boosting the sexual performance of both men and women. If you are no longer enjoying your sex life, you can try using CBD. Many people around the world have claimed that it helped them solve some of their sexual problems. CBD mainly targets the endocannabinoid system

The response from the brains affects how other body organs work. Also, CBD may plays a huge role in adding important nutrients to the body. Some of these nutrients are important for improving the general wellbeing and performance of the body.

Using a beneficial non-psychoactive cannabinoid (CBD), may particularly help to enhance your sex life in many ways. CBD has elements that may make sex life  more relaxed, enjoyable, and exciting experience.

People who suffer from trauma, depression, anxiety, and pain will perform poorly in the bed. CBD infused sex enhancers may do the magic naturally. Read the information below to apprehend ways in which CBD can enhance your sexual performance.

1. CBD Oil May Provide More Strength

CBD products may offer a ton of sexual benefits. Most CBD-infused sexual enhancers can boost your strength and energy. The body requires enough energy and strength to sustain the activities and actions during sex. If you do not have energy, you may not satisfy yourself leave about your partner. 

Now CBD infused sex products may have the required components for helping your body sustain the energy even in vigorous exercises. As a man, you need the energy to maintain an erection for long. CBD is one of the  notable cannabinoid that can help you achieve a steady and long erection. 

Moreover, CBD can naturally increase energy to complement other effects. Aging people can use CBD products to boost their strengths and sexual to improve their sexual performances. 

2. CBD Oil May Help in Achieving Better Sensations

Having sexual intercourse sounds like a simple act which is not. Technically speaking sex is more than it sounds. Qualities sex involves ecstatic sensations you and your partner feel the sexual desire. For you to feel the desire, both of you must function normally. These are the sexual inhibition systems and sexual excitation systems. These two systems must work collectively to put you and your partner in the mood for sex. 

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CBD helps the two systems to work together to reduce the feelings of tension and anxiety through the body’s chemical reactions. When you use CBD products before sex, you become less nervous. That helps you and your partner to be more expressive. The most you two are into the act, the more sensations you get during sex. CBD, therefore, enhances sexual performance by helping you to achieve more sensations. 

3. CBD Oil May Help in Relieving Pain

CBD products can improve your sex life by reducing pain. Cannabidiol products can help to alleviate chronic pain. Sex requires total concentration; otherwise, any eccentricity will grab your attention. People suffering from any kinds of pain cannot perform sex perfectly as needed. CBD is a great potent anti-inflammatory remedy. It mitigates any pain and allows you to feel comfortable when making love to your partner. 

Women can as well use CBD topicals which may help to alleviate pain if the vagina dries up fast. Men who work out regularly experience a lot of pain. They can also use CBD balms and lotions to ease the pain and have quality sex. 

4. CBD Oil May Help in Improving Sexual Desire

The quality of sex depends on the desire of both partners. You can have all the strength, but if there is no desire for sex, you will not perform well. Cannabis has aphrodisiac properties which help in many ways. Using CBD in the form of smoking, vaping, or eating CBD chocolates can help to accomplish its aphrodisiac effects. In other words, CBD allows for thrilling arousal and sex desire levels. 

Applying CBD topically will dilate your blood vessels to allow more fresh air into the blood. With more oxygen in your blood, you will be able to last longer and have quality and satisfactory sex. 

5. CBD Oil May Help in Decreasing Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the many conditions that CBD products can mitigate. Fighting anxiety helps to stabilize your mental state. An unsettled mind will lead to poor sexual performance. One needs peace of mind before and during sex. If you are extremely nervous before sex, you may not satisfy your partner. 

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CBD can directly influence your body’s endocannabinoid system. This is a very complex network of receptors in your body that aid in the regulation of the nervous and immune systems. Since CBD can interact with the neurotransmitters in your nervous system, it releases an anti-anxiety effect on the brain. The brain sends impulses to relax and elate the sexually for better performance. 

6. CBD Oil May Help in Increasing Blood Flow

During sex, the rate at which blood flows is high. The heart also starts to pump blood faster. This may cause an insufficient flow of blood in the brain. That is why most people collapse when having sexual intercourse. The body needs a constant flow of blood to maintain oxygen flow throughout the organs. Also, the female reproductive tract has cannabinoid receptors which interact with CBD. Enough supply of blood during sex leads to intense orgasms. Try to ingest CBD tinctures before sex, and you will see the results. 

7. CBD Oil Can Help in Enhancing Foreplay

Foreplay is an essential part of sex. Two people must physically connect to promote an emotional connection. One thing about foreplay is that it helps in reaching the climax quickly, especially for women. The best product to use during foreplay is the CBD lube. It can help in repairing damaged tissues and improves the flow of blood around the genitals. Ingesting full-spectrum CBD oil before may enhance your sex drive as well. It contains THC, which causes an excitement that is important during foreplay.

8. CBD Oil May Help in Relaxing the Muscles

During sex, you need your body muscles to be less sturdy. You can apply CBD body Oil to relax your muscles and enhance arousal. The body oil or lotion is fast-absorbing, offering fast topical relief and natural energy. 

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Also, during the act, you should try using CBD-infused body cream as it may help ease muscle tension and produce a soothing sensation. The therapeutic mixture of necessary oils along with full-spectrum cannabinoids influences natural power. Make sure you massage your lover using CBD body oil on the arms, back, and thighs for a frisky sexual experience.

 9. CBD Oil May Help in Lubrication 

Sex requires creativity, and every move should focus on improving the sensations. Using CBD lube is growing in popularity. Remember that CBD products do not get you high when used as lube. You must be careful with them since CBD lubes are mainly oil-based and are not latex-friendly. Make sure you use CBD lube when a condom is not an option. This means using CBD lube can cause bursting of the condom.

Many women testify that there is additional excitement when they use CBD lube products. Another advantage of this product is that it does not have any discernible odour. There are some lubes that offer a distinct smell. You should consider buying them if you like discernible scents. 

Overall CBD lube helps to relieve women from pain during penetration. Virgin girls can also use these lube when having their first sex. It acts as lubricants and at the same time helps to relieve pain. 

10. Trying Several Strains

Trying different types of strains is a reliable way to have your sexual performance right on the track. Do not be hesitant to experiment using a variety of strains. Mixing up two or more strains will boost your day or night without necessarily making you high.

There are many CBD-rich strains that you should choose from depending on what you want to achieve. You can as well try to spice your sex life by using CBD hemp seed oil or CBD oil capsules. All these can ease your pain, anxiety, and stress at the same time. When relaxed and happy, you are likely to perform well under the sheets.

11. Micro Dosing

Another effective way to improve your sexual life using CBD is through Micro dosing. Using the micro-dosing CBD-rich cannabis cannot get you high while in enhancing your sexual desires. Always stay below 2.5mg to 5mg if you want to maintain a microdose. It works by giving you a mental relaxation which also heightens your senses. With micro-dosing, you do not experience the effects of cannabis. Instead, your spirits rise, and your sex drive increases as well to make sex more enjoyable.

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12. Earth-Shattering Orgasm

Sex cannot be sweet if the climax does not feel like a real climax. Everyone yearns for earth breaking ejaculation or orgasm. To achieve this, you may need to use CBD products. Most men reach  climax very early while women might take more than 30 minutes. Some might not even reach the climax if the partner does not have the strength to go through. After ingesting CBD, a male can take longer to finish, and women can reach the climax easily. CBD, therefore, can improve sex life by making it easy for partners to satisfy each other.

13. CBD oil Can Improve Libido

CBD products may enhance sexual performance by improving Libido. Most people who do not enjoy sex do not have the desire to engage in the act. These people experience stress, which later lowers their Libido. Some users have reported that CBD products helped them to deal with anxiety, inflammation, and stress. 

Also, the oil has fatty acids that help you to respond positively when you see your partner necked. Studies show that CBD oil can helps in increasing Libido in both men and women. Once your Libido improves, there is nothing that can stop you from loving sex. You will always want to give your best when your Libido improves.

14. It can Improve Erectile Dysfunction


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It is very embarrassing for a man to get undressed when his manhood is facing downwards. It lowers their self-esteem and turns down the woman. Erectile dysfunction has become very rampant amongst most men. Most men use boosters that may later hurt their erection such as viagra. CBD products are natural and have minimal side effects. If you want to have a steady erection, try CBD oil tinctures before the act. 
A number of men can testify that after using CBD oil, their manhood stood steady for long time, which improves their bedroom game. If you are not able to maintain an erection as long as your partner wants it, your performance will decrease.

The use of CBD products may improve the performance of men and women. It works by stimulating hormones release. This helps you to maintain longer and stead erections throughout the sex period.

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