CBDPure Review – Is the CBD Oil Effective?

Since most states in the US started to legalize various hemp products, more CBD oil brands have come up. The competition has led to strict scrutiny, research, and quality production of CBD products. However, this does not mean that all brands are equal in terms of quality of production and even customer service. In this review, you will  learn a lot about CBDPurewhich is one of the brands that stand out. 

CBD Oil Overview

CBDPure is one of the brands that you can benefit hugely from. In regards to the claims of their regular customers, CBDPure may heal numerous ailments. It may be unpopular online, especially to the new users of hemp products, but that does not mean they are underdogs in the industry. 

That is not to say that CBDPure has a skimpy website or a weak online presence. It is only that they put too much energy into making their products to stand out from the rest. Therefore, never choose a CBD oil product because you have seen its ads pop up numerous times when you are online. Most of the brands that concentrate on marketing have rogue and ineffective products.

That being said, CBDPure has some of the best organic products, which certainly are not cheap. Even though they have not been around for a long time, they are surely going to be around for a couple of more years. To understand more about CBDPure and its productsyou need to get familiar with where they have come from and what they stand for. Below is a brief history of the company.

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About CBDPure

CBDPure is a hemp processing and manufacturing company established in 2006. The company is a subsidiary of the famous Nutra Pure LLC. Nutra pure LLC is one of the largest hemp research and distribution firms from Vancouver, Washington.

In November 2016, the company gave a press release stating that “CBDPure will become a market leader in the production of quality and valuable CBD products. The motivation behind their commitment to making great products is the urge to help people to experience health well-being through the use of all-natural products safely. The company chose a clear-cut pharmaceutical appearance for their branding. They also avoided unnecessary flavorings and flashy packaging. And as stated early, CBDPure puts most of its time and resources to make better products.

Ever since its insurgency to the market, CBDPure has opened its doors to thousands of clients who have benefited from their products. They source their hemp plants from their farms in Colorado. This helps them to grow organic Hemp that is free of additives and contaminants. CBDPure also sources Hemp from local USA hemp farmers in Washington.

Currently, they ship their products throughout Canada, the United States, and even the United Kingdom. Although they do not ship outside these nations, they have a plan of shipping all over the world where customer demand is significant. 

CBDPure Mission

CBDPure promises to supply its customers with high-quality organic CBD products at affordable prices. They also take pride in the quality of their products, as evident in their third-party testing result database.

Hemp Source

They get their raw Hemp from their farms in Colorado and also from local farms in Washington. The farming methods are organic, and they can monitor that throughout. They also offer certificates of analyses for all products. 

Product Range

CBDPure has been around fewer years, but its product lineup is very appealing. It may not be as huge as that of veteran brands, but the products are very versatile. They offer only three potencies of capsules and CBD oils, which are very effective, according to their users.


The company is very innovative in terms of the Extraction and processing of their Hemp. Currently, they use the cleanest method to do the Extraction of CBD and other ingredients from raw Hemp. The primary extraction process that they use is known as supercritical CO2. They are also working hard to come up with better ways to maintain 100% pure products. Being a company with an ethos that focuses on quality, they guarantee industry-standard CBD products. 

Safe CBD Oil

All their products are safe, and so far, no customer has come back to complain about the extreme side effects of using their products. They carry out both in-house and third-party testing before releasing their products to the market. You can study the test results on their official online store. They also offer great guidelines on the appropriate usage of CBD. Always make sure you read the instructions before you start to use their products.

Customer Service

CBDPure is one of the few brands that have a great customer care service plan. You can always send your inquiries through their official website and get feedback in a short period. They also have reliable online chat agents that respond in real-time on their website. They also keep track of the previous chats, which helps them to make sure that every client is satisfied with their services. Therefore, it is easy for you to follow up and get help when there are hiccups with purchasing and deliveries, which are not common. 

CBDPure Highlights

  • 100% Organic CBD Oil

Each of CBDPure’s oil tinctures come from organic industrial Hemp. They get a large portion of raw Hemp from the local farms in the remote areas of Colorado. They can monitor the plants right from sowing to harvest. They guarantee 100% organic products that are free of heavy metals, fertilizer, and other contaminants.

  • Reasonably affordable Pricing

When comparing the Pricing of CBDPure to the quality, it is very much affordable. In essence, when matching to the prices of other top brands, CBDPure has the best prices. Their tinctures are therapeutic and super affordable. To avoid paying more on the same product, ensure that you place an order from CBDPure’s official website.

  • All of the available products are guaranteed

Whenever you buy any CBD product from the official online store of CBDPure, you can claim a refund when you are not happy with the product. They offer a 90-day money-back guarantee, which is a rare policy amongst other brands.

  • CO2 Extraction From Raw Hemp

Like mentioned beforehand, CBDPure tries to come up with as perfect products as possible. They employ the use of the supercritical CO2 extraction method to get valuable elements from their raw whole-plant Hemp. With this method, they end up having full-spectrum CBD products. CBDPure products are, therefore, not isolates whatsoever. One of the most critical health advantages is having hemp compounds that are nutritious (including Omega 3 & 6-acids, flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes).

  • SC Labs

One of the strengths of CBDPure is that they carry out both in-house and third-party testing in certified labs. They also provide the entire results database for new clients to make the comparison before purchasing. They maintain quality and consistency in the way they manufacture and package their products. 

CBDPure Products Review 

CBDPure has not thrived around for a long time, like most companies out there. However, that is not the reason why their product line is so basic. They tend to perfect on a particular product before they move on to introduce the next one. 

CBDPure’s basic product line includes the famous CBDPure CBD oil, creams, soft gel caps, and CBD oil for pets. Remember that all they do not manufacture high CBD oil concentrations. Now for some clients, this is a serious turn-off. Apart from this, CBDPure products are close to perfect. If you prefer higher doses of CBD, you might want to consider other brands to meet your health needs. The highest dose you can get from CBDPure is only 600mg. To achieve higher doses, you can double the 600mg package. Again if that inconveniences you, make sure that you find other brands that have higher and safe potencies.

Here is CBDPure’s product line

1. CBDPure Hemp Oil 100

This is a 100 mg bottle that is full of CBDPure Hemp Extract oil. It is naturally (Hemp) flavored. It serves about 3.3 mg of hemp extracts in a single serving. It works best for those who have mild aches, inflammation, nausea, minor chronic pains, and moderate insomnia. Every bottle of CBDPure has a tag showing the concentrations.

2. CBDPure Hemp Oil 300

CBDPure hemp oil 300 is the one that most customers go for because of it a medium concentration. According to the patients who use it, they claim that it works well at solving severe migraines. The 300 mg hemp oil has 10 mg of CBD in each serving. You can always double the dose if your pain is more intense. Apart from pain, it can alleviate anxiety and sleeping difficulties.

3. CBD Pure Hemp Oil 600

CBDPure hemp oil 600mg is the brand’s most reliable CBD oil product on the market currently. Some brands make tinctures that are even more than 1000mg in concentration to deal with chronic conditions. CBDPure may not be appropriate in such circumstances unless you double the doses, which may inconvenience some patients. This product offers 20mg of hemp extracts per serving. On top of other conditions, this product can deal with depression very well.

4. CBD Pure Soft Gel 750 Capsules

CBDPure 750 Soft Gel Capsules is yet another great product that comes in a 30ml bottle. Every soft gel tablet has 25 mg of CBD (30 tablets x 25 mg each = 750mg). CBDPure soft gels are great for persons that do not prefer oils or hate the natural taste. The potency of each capsule is equivalent to 600mg Hemp Oil.

The company also offers products for pets, which are very effective. The innovation team at CBDPure is always working hard to come up with more products to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. For more information, visit their official online store.

Payment Options

Their payment options are quite simple and regular. Being a new company, they do accept cheques and bitcoins. Buying from their official website allows you to trace your order and also feel secure because they are a legit business.

Shipping and the Return Policy 

They ship within the United States, which usually takes around 3-7 business days. They as well ship to the United Kingdom and Canada. However, they charge for the shipping of products that costs less than $100. Their policies are subject to changes. That is why you need to order from their website. 

CBDPure Products are Suitable for?

Patients who want to avoid products that have solvents may benefit from CBDPure products. CBDPure employs the use of supercritical CO2 extraction process, which is cleaner than the use of butane. The extracted phytocannabinoids from their raw whole-hemp plant fibers must always go through a third party testing to test for foreign materials and concentrations. Their topical muscle cream can help people who experience pain after exercising. They also help to heal swollen joints.


  • They make quality and effective products which display the purity of their CBD products.
  • It has no additives, heavy metals, or artificial foreign ingredients.
  • All of their tinctures (100, 300, or 600mg) have less than 0.3% of THC.
  • They make natural flavored Hemp that lets you have better tasting terpenes and other flavonoids.
  • CBDPure offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.


  • It does not have a variety of flavors.
  • Their product line is basic.
  • The concentrations may not work if used normally because the highest strength is 600mg. You have to double the dosages to deal with some persistent conditions.
  • The brand does not have a robust online presence apart from its working website.

Final Thoughts

CBDPure’s dedication to making quality products renders them as a favorite brand for many. Also, their transparency and commitment to serve their consumers is what makes them a great company. Although they have a narrow product list, they manage to make great products.

Their prices are quite reasonable concerning the quality of their products. We recommend that you try CBDPure if you are looking for quality products that will help you fight mild conditions like pains, anxieties, and lack of sleep. Always ensure that you order from the official website for safety. All the best!



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