CBD Water Review -All that You Should Know

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a popular non-psychotropic element that is commonly found in cannabis plant species. The health benefits of this compound are controversial and documented. Despite that fact, most people are starting to embrace Cannabis and its derivatives because they want to have a touch of these benefits. 

CBD may offer pain relief, anti-inflammation benefits, and general body relaxation. Many researchers have as well asserted that CBD may be the answer to many common health conditions like seizures, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Now that most people know about both the health and economic benefits of CBD, more products are being made to utilize the compound. Although the FDA has not approved some of these products, they have, in most cases, worked for many people around the world.

How to Benefit from CBD Oil

As CBD oil turns out to be more accepted, perhaps you have considered introducing it into your life. There are many ways in which you can benefit from the best CBD oil brand. Today there is an exciting host of products known as CBD-infused drinks in the cannabis industry. The CBD-infused drinks range from CBD soda to CBD sparkling water. Therefore, if you are looking to enjoy the benefits of CBD more thrillingly, perhaps you should try CBD water. CBD water seems to be an exhilarating product, right? Now, let’s get deep into this topic. Read on!

 Getting a Deep Look Into CBD Water

CBD water is an effective and savory way to take ample CBD doses without having to deal with the earthy savors of tinctures and other ingestible CBD products. Sometimes you can forget to carry a vape pen, gel capsule, or CBD oil. Nonetheless, CBD water is natural to take when going out because water is essential. More importantly, it is straightforward to know the exact amount of CBD you are getting from CBD water.

So, what exactly is CBD water? Just like its name suggests, CBD water is a special type of water that is infused with CBD molecules. CBD water is also referred to as Nano CBD water. Basically, CBD water is a premium H2O that contains CBD oil. By drinking this type of water, you may reap most benefits provided by CBD. Apart from that, you get hydrated as it is required. Additionally, with CBD water, you can access a desirable dose of non-psychoactive, non-toxic, and non-addictive CBD without trailing your digestion process. The CBD molecules used in making Nano water are reduced into small-sized elements like DNA. 

The brands that manufacture this product use a Nano-water technology that connects CBD Nano-materials to H20 molecules. Then they blend them to create pure and quality high-alkaline water with 9.0+pH. This process is deliberately done to allow cannabidiol molecules to go through the human blood-brain barrier. The ability to go through the human blood-brain barrier in each body cell is cannabidiol’s exceptional solution for realizing more effective results than other CBD delivery systems.

Companies that manufacture this wonder-water use nanotechnology to convert the regular CBD molecules to a million times smaller particles. Therefore, we can say CBD water is the most effective way to utilize cannabidiol (CBD). The process of infusing CBD oil molecules with water to make a uniform and sparkling water product is not an easy one. Since the product is very special, the manufacturing process is also very complex. As you know, cannabinoids, which are proteins, do not artificially fuse with the water. 

CBD Water Key Highlights

  1. Companies that manufacture and distribute CBD-infused water use quantum physics to fuse cannabinoids with water. The method used by most of these manufactures is known as nanotechnology.
  2. CBD-infused water does not have THC (psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants); therefore, you will not get high after using CBD water.
  3. Nanotechnology helps to shrink CBD molecules to nanoparticles, which are more than a millionth of the original size. This makes it easier for the manufacturer to integrate the cannabinoids into the water.
  4. Every human being needs water for survival. Therefore, CBD water was meant to allow those that dislike the earthy taste of CBD Oil tinctures to benefit from CBD as well.
  5. Of all the forms of consuming CBD, Nano CBD Water is the best at allowing easy and effective movement of cannabidiol through the body quicker.

What are the Benefits of CBD Water?


There are many benefits of CBD-infused water over most of the other methods that are used in delivering CBD. You get more than the primary goal of delivering CBD molecules to the body. With CBD water, your body stays hydrated as required. The bioavailability process is also enhanced by CBD molecules, which in general, may help in pain reduction, stress relief,  sex performance, and many others. The following are some of the main benefits of CBD water:

  1. Hydration is critical to the body.
  2. It offers anti-inflammatory and therapeutic features.
  3. CBD water safeguards against signs associated with different neurodegenerative ailments.
  4. Additionally, CBD water may serve as a powerful painkiller.
  5. CBD molecules act as effective antitumor compounds.
  6. The product contains antipsychotic properties.
  7. It helps in relieving anxiety and depression.
  8. Thought to be a very efficacy post-traumatic stress disorder treatment.

CBD water does have flavors like other forms of CBD oil products. Some users, however, claim that they can tell the difference between mineral and tap or spring water. Most brands infuse about 50mg of CBD molecules to every bottle of Nano-CBD water. This is more than the necessary quantity for many people. 

You still need to increase the dose if you have epilepsy since you require around 300 mg of CBD daily. The good thing with most CBD water brands is that you cannot get high. Most manufacturers do not include THC in their processes. However, some companies have started manufacturing full-spectrum CBD infused water, which in most cases has a substantive amount of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which has psychoactive effects.

The only instance effect this water has on the body is that you start feeling refreshed and energized after drinking. To sum up, CBD infused water combines both medical and dietetic properties, which are utilized by the body more conveniently and effectively. Always remember that consistent drinking of CBD infused water helps to amplify the overall body processes and wellbeing.

What are the Possible Side Effects of CBD Water?

In most cases, the most manifested controversy about CBD water is if it works or not. While researchers indicate that CBD could be having incredible efficacy, many people still doubt the product based on their personal opinions on Cannabis and its derivatives.

Also, those that smoke marijuana regularly are not buying the idea of CBD because they think that is the surest way to benefit from the plant. They do not understand that the way they are consuming it is hurting their health in the long run.

Moreover, most companies include CBD in their products, but they do not use full-spectrum CBD oil. Thus you are not going to get the same amount and quality you will get from the one with full-spectrum CBD oil. There are not many adverse side effects that have been proven to come from drinking CBD infused water.

Medicine experts are on with the investigation of whether the product has adverse side effects or not. Still, there could be some red signs that might indicate your body’s resistance to the drink. Research and scientific studies reveal that CBD water causes the following side effects to an insignificant degree.

1. Dry Mouth

If you are an avid user of marijuana, there are high chances that you are struggling with a dry mouth. Some studies show that dry mouth is associated with the use of Cannabis or its derivatives. Therefore, there is no big deal with having a dry mouth. Whatever means you use to intake Cannabis or its derivatives, you will still have signs of a dry mouth. A dry mouth is not something to worry about because there are people that have a dry mouth, yet they are not users. Also, you rather have a dry mouth than have to go through anxiety, pain, and lack of sleep. In short, this should not deter you from benefiting from CBD in the form of water.

2. Limited Ability for the Liver to Process Drugs

In some cases, cannabidiol in CBD gummies might decrease the liver’s ability to respond to pharmaceutical drugs. This could lead to a major negative effect if the CBD gummies do not fight other diseases that pharmaceutical drug produce. 

That is why it is essential to consult a doctor before using products like gummies. However, the same may apply to other devise CBD products like Nano CBD water. Note that this effect does not always develop in all users of CBD derivatives. It is evident in people who have a history of abusing drugs. Nonetheless, if you fear that these risks can virtually aggravate such symptoms, always ensure that you consult your doctor beforehand opting to start using CBD water.

Why is CBD water on the Rise?

The primary use of CBD infused water is to quench thirst and anxiety. But why are most companies investing in CBD and specifically in CBD water? FDA has not tried even to regulate this product, although it is categorized under Cannabis and its derivatives. Since the CBD fused with water is isolate, no traces of THC are found. That means even young people who are facing anxiety and pain may use CBD water.

Millennials and Gen-Z are the most interested in Cannabis and CBD based beverages. The main reason for this affinity for CBD is the quest to treat anxiety, which is caused by the pressures of life. CBD water makes the best option in this case when one wants to deal with anxiety and depression.

The common thing most users say after drinking CBD infused water is that it feels relaxed within one hour or so. Also, online reviews show that people with sleeping problems showed a positive change in their sleeping patterns after using CBD Nano water. All the above reasons have contributed to the rise in the production and use of CBD-infused water. 

Does CBD Water Contain THC?

As earlier mentioned, most CDB oil manufacturers that make CBD water ensures that THC is not present in their products. However, some companies are starting to use full-spectrum CBD in making their CBD water products. It is vital to make CBD water from both isolate and full-spectrum hemp extracts. The measure allows different CBD users to have their needs met. Some people prefer to use THC, and others prefer to have non-THC CBD products. A significant amount of THC (over 0.3%) can show in a drug test. This is why the FDA allows trials for only products that meet the (less than 0.3% THC). 

Less than 0.3 THC is the legal limit of THC for every CBD product that is meant for human use. Currently, most brands make CBD water that contains zero psychoactive effects. Always ensure that you buy from a company that provides lab reports about their product. Lab results allow you to get the right CBD water for your needs.

Top CBD Water Brands to Consider 

Many companies are associated with the development of CBD products. More companies are diversifying the type of CBD products they are manufacturing. The CBD movement is becoming even stronger because even those brands that make soft drinks are starting to make CBD water. CBD water is going to change how people view Cannabis and its extracts. Some of the most popular companies that we will discuss herein include:

  1. OLEO 
  2. Hemplucid 
  3. CBD Living Water
  4. Single Seed Lalpina CBD Water
  5. Sprig 
  6. Recess 
  7. DRAM Apothecary 
  8. Drink Present CBD water 
  9. Weller  
  10. Cannaki
  11. Endo Water
  12. Mountjoy Sparkling
  13. Canna Nano CBD Plus Water
  14. American Shaman
  15. Infinite CBD water
  16. Joy Organics CBD water
  17. NanoCraft CBD
  18. BioCBD+ water
  19. CBD Water
  20. Pearl2O 

When going for CBD water, always remember that you are getting premium quality CBD which is integrated with water. Most of these brands have invested heavily in raw materials and technology to facilitate the production of top quality products. The benefits and the process involved in making CBD water make the product quite costly. We can say CBD water is more than just water or CBD oil. Therefore, if a bottle of CBD water goes for over fifty dollars, it is worth it considering the benefits it offers. 

Also, ensure that you carry out your due diligence before buying any CBD water bottle. Some fraudsters create gimmicks, which include only water and brand name. Be wary of such people and avoid them by always buying from designated stores.

Indeed, CBD water sounds like a snooze, but it is supposedly the most effective product than other forms of CBD oil. Nonetheless, CBD water is sufficient for certain consumers than CBD oil tinctures; it could work for you as well. But how do you tell a genuine company from a fake one?

Well, since many companies make CBD water, it can be challenging for you to tell the best. We have, therefore, tried to discuss best CBD-infused water brands that could keep you hydrated and chill. Read the following brands and make an informed decision when buying CBD water:


Oleo is a company that understands what a human body requires. The Oleo Soluble Powder guarantees an effective boost and maintenance of your overall wellness. Apart from that, their product also offers cognitive support, enhanced daily balance, and stabilizes composure. Using Oleo will also render you with a significant improvement of mood and faster post-exercise pain and muscle tear recovery. 

Some of the things people like about Oleo CBD water include:

  1. They use Non-GMO and organically-grown Hemp
  2. All their products are US-made.
  3. Their water is flavorless.
  4. Each can have about 25 milligrams of gluten and allergy-free CBD. 
  5. It does not contain THC.
  6. Their water is vegan-friendly and lab tested.

Some people do not like this about OLEO: 

  1. Inconsistency with the information they provide on their product page.
  2. Their CBD water is expensive than most similar brands. For instance, 1000mg of their water-soluble CBD oil may cost you $84

2. Hemplucid CBD water

Hemplucid is popularly known for its tinctures. And just like many other brands, it has tried to diversify its operations by embracing the new and ideal ways of utilizing CBD and other hemp derivatives. Hemplucid CBD water is currently one of its highly-rated products. Their water allows the user to get the effects as soon as one hour after taking. In most cases, anxiety and pain get lost almost immediately after drinking the Hemplucid CBD water.

Thanks to its vegetable-glycerin carrier oil, which allows the CBD oil molecules to fuse with water. This also helps to increase the absorption of the cannabinoids are to the bloodstream more effectively. The result after taking their water is a long-lasting and immediate relief from troubling physical and mental illnesses. 

People like this about Hemplucid CBD water:

  1. Their prices are reasonably affordable compared to most brands.
  2. It offers different strength levels. 
  3. They also offer full-spectrum and organic products.

The company also offers watermelon, cucumber alkaline, lemon-lime, and pure sparkling waters. All these options give a chance to choose the one product that meets your taste and needs. 

3. CBD Living Water

CBD Living Water is undoubtedly the best brand on this list. Their CBD water is not only one of the cheapest around, but it also more bioavailability than a host of other top brands. This implies that their water enters the bloodstream very faster and in a better way. To assure their customers that what they are drinking is pure and quality, CBD Living provides test results on their website. 

Their transparency allows their customers to assess their products before purchasing. They do not lure you into buying whatever you do not need. They are always reliable and transparent, and that makes them the most reputed CBD water manufacturing company around. In fact, the company triple tests its water in a third party lab facility. Therefore, whatever you are consuming from them is safe and clean.

Their water does not have herbal taste, which makes it perfect for refreshments when you are on the road. Apart from the health benefits, CBD living water helps to keep you hydrated all day long. The company uses naturally-grown Hemp to manufacture quality CBD extracts. They use Nanotechnology to fuse the CBD extracts with water. Additionally, their cannabis water assertively positions itself as the best energy booster. Their bottling is also appealing, and the size of the bottle can allow you to carry the water to whatever place you want to go without any problem.

People like this about CBD living water:

  1. A 500 ml bottle has more than a million Nano-grams of CBD extracts.
  2. Their water is Bioavailable and absorbable.
  3. Easy to carry.
  4. Works well in relieving pain and tissue inflammation.

4. Single Seed Lalpina CBD Water

CBD is typically oil-soluble, but then Lalpina’s CBD water is prepared with using the nanotechnology. This makes their CBD water-soluble and highly bioavailable. This means that the water absorbs easily to your body’s bloodstream. The faster the absorption, the more the body is likely to respond to the infused CBD in the water. Their water does not have sweeteners and flavonoids. You can be sure to carry a bottle of single seed Lalpina CBD water to the gym for muscle relaxation and recovery from post-exercise pains. 

5. Sprig 

Sprig is a Newport Beach, California-based CBD water manufacturing company that specializes in making THC sodas. Although their specialty is to make THC infused drinks, they have stepped up to the occasion to come with non-THC CBD water. The company also offers a few cocktail recipes on its official site. Currently, their Melon Zero Sugar and CBD water (zero THC) are the best are the bestselling products. Being a reputed company, do not hesitate to try their CBD water. 

6. Recess 

Recess is a New York-based CBD water manufacturing company that probably has the best branding in this space. They also have a very strong online presence, which allows them to connect with customers on the ground. The company currently makes three flavors, namely: Blackberry Chai, Peach Ginger, and Pomegranate Hibiscus. All these flavors can be purchased through their official online store. Also, you find it in various designated stores in New York City, Southern California, and Miami. More markets are being launched every year in the quest to avail their CBD water to those that are in need of it.

Recess’ sparkling CBD water is infused with 10 mg of hemp extracts and adaptogens to balance the appearance and taste. Furthermore, their packaging is classy; you can carry the can when going out to hang with friends. Each of the flavors contains exactly 25 calories and 6g of sugar. In addition, they offer a sampler pack for those who are stuck between two flavors. 

7. DRAM Apothecary 

DRAM Apothecary is a great CBD water manufacturing company that is based in Colorado. Apart from CBD water, the company also offers CBD drops and other related products. Their organic CBD-filled sparkling water comes in two options: hibiscus and rose water. DRAM specializes in providing bubbly water. It is one of the most creative companies around. They have a variety of flavors to suit your savor needs. Do you want to try their bubbly and sparkling CBD water? Well, visit their official website to make a purchase 

8. Drink Present CBD water

Drink Present offers cans of safe and clean CBD water with flavors like Lemon and Blood Orange. They also provide flavorless Nano CBD water to people to dislike these flavors. The company was formed from a joint venture between Old school Colorado brewery and WAAYB Organics. They always use organically grown industrial Hemp to make their products. This is a great example of companies that were previously involved with different products, and now they are embracing CBD products. This means that the CBD industry is growing as time goes. 

9. Weller  

Weller is another top Colorado-based company that produces CBD products. The company is diverse and always ready to embrace new forms of CBD products. For instance, their latest products are Coconut Bites snacks, cherry sparkling water, and sugar-free Tangerine. Regardless of its name, the company does not make products that contain jam. There are a ton of people that are using and recommending Weller CBD water. 

10. Cannaki

Cannaki is a unique company as far as offering quality CBD water is concerned. They have a range of CBD water products. They offer sparkling water for human beings and even for pets. Your pet may not love to consume regular pet treatments. However, no pet can go a day without water. Cannaki CBD water is the best way to use CBD if you do not prefer other options. Also, Cannaki CBD Nano water is meant for the folks that deride plain water. The available options include Coconut Mojito, Lemon Lime, Berry Blast, and Original-flavored water. To purchase CBD infused water from this company, visit their online store.

11. The Endo Water

Endo Water is Infused with 10 mg Hemp Oil. Additionally, Endo CBD Water is a pleasant and healthful option for regular water. According to them, their water is able to earn you better sleep, relieve anxiety, and act as an antioxidant. Endo water is available in savorless, cucumber, watermelon, and Lemon Lime. All their options are sugar-free and come from natural fruits. Make sure you purchase their CBD infused water from the official online store.

12. Mountjoy Sparkling water

If you want premium sparkling CBD water, Mount Joy is the brand to go for. This company is based in Sonoma County, California. Their water is refreshing and very safe to use. It leaves hydrated and energized. It deals with anxiety and low moods. Their CBD water does not contain calories and carbs. They infuse 10 mg of organically grown CBD with water. For those that despise plan water, they provide five natural flavors, namely: Blackberry, Lemon Lime, Natural, Orange, and Peach. To purchase the original CBD infused water from Mountjoy, visit their official site.

13. Canna Nano CBD Plus Water

Canna Nano CBD plus water is ideal for the CBD user that are health cognizant and the environmental conservatives. Experienced scientists prepare this water. They try to emulate natural processes like evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. Their CBD water is simply the purest and safest to use. They use a carbon filter, two sub-micron filters, and a UV filter in the removal of impurities. Their water cans are environmentally-friendly, 100% recyclable, and biodegradable. Why not try Canna Nano water and enjoy the benefits of CBD most safely?

14. American Shaman (Different Potencies Available)

American shaman is one of the few brands that offer different potencies of CBD water. Here are the things people love about them:

  • Provide different potencies. 
  • Full-spectrum and isolated options available.
  • Decent pricing.
  • Multiple flavor options available.

Things some may not like about them: 

  • The isolate option is somewhat weak for some avid CBD users.

You can choose from various flavor options like Cherry Limeade, Pina Colada, Grape, Lemon, and Natural. Visit the company’s official websites for the latest products and discounts.

15. Infinite CBD (Nano-CBD Isolate)

Infinite CBD is a perfect Nano Enhancer. Going through customer reviews can tell you that it is a decent company, and their products are worth trying. Their isolate Nano Enhancer comes with exactly 1.5mg/drop of clean and organic CBD. Their water does not contain a significant amount of THC. This means you cannot test positive during a drug test.

Here are some of the great things about them:

  1. Their prices are reasonable in regards to the quality of their water.
  2. They source Hemp from local farms in Colorado.
  3. CBD isolate (pure cannabidiol)

Things you may not like about infinite CBD: 

1. Although most of their products go for reasonable prices, some products like 600mg cost quite expensive.

16. Joy Organics 

Joy Organics offers its consumers with an absolutely different alternative to best water-soluble CBD oil. All their products are tested by third-party labs, which is a great thing because it legitimizes the company’s existence and products. Additionally their water is prepared using the safe Nanotechnology to fuse the CBD oils and water.

Things you might like about them: 

  • It works very fast.
  • They are independently tested.
  • THC-free.

Things we don’t like about them: 

1. Their water is high prices.

Other great CBD water brands to try include:

  1. Nanocraft CBD 
  2. BioCBD+ (Designed for Pain Relief )
  3. Re CBD Water
  4. Pearl2O 

CBD Water Dosage

Many people wonder whether they should quench their thirst using CBD water or just take it as some kind of medicine. The fact is that you should take the water-based on different parameters. These factors may include your body weight, health, and the water’s concentration. So, how much CBD water should you drink? The answer depends on the specification given by the manufacturer. Therefore, always check the labeling on the bottle in order to take the right amounts of CBD water every day.

Where to Buy the Best CBD Oil?

The best place to buy CBD products is, at the same time, the risky place to do so. The internet has revolutionized how we make purchases, but you need to be extra cautious when buying products like CBD water. The following are the safest spots to get the original CBD water brand of your choice:

1. Online CBD Water Shops

Online stores are the most ideal and efficient spots to get Original CBD water. Make sure you are on the right website because some are just gimmicks. Also, ensure that you buy from a site that has reliable customer care services. Always buy the product from the official online stores unless you are sure that the third party shop has the novel CBD water products.

2. CBD Water Manufacturers

Buying directly from the company is also the safest way to get original CBD water. You can either buy from the online or physical spots where the manufacturer operates from.

3. CBD Water Physical Stores

Apart from online options, there are several brick-and-mortar shops where you get the product in detail. Also, if you are not sure about the oil type that fits you, shop sellers are the best spots to get the information.

4. CBD Dispensaries

Right now, you can get a number of CBD water brands on the shelves of dispensaries across the country. They are also reliable spots for getting quality products.

CBD Water vs. CBD Oil

Most people regard CBD oil for CBD water. The two are quite different products altogether. The two products have major disparities between them. Check out the following comparison in order to apprehend which product is ideal for you.

  • The Flavor

Many people prefer to use CBD water instead of CBD oil because of the taste. CBD water does not taste like CBD oil. Most CBD water products are just like water, although some brands are starting to introduce some foreign flavors. Therefore, you can get both regular flavors of mineral water and other savors in CBD water. CBD oil is inherently greasy in texture and has an earthy smell that puts some people off. Therefore, CBD water is better in terms of taste for people who despise the earthy flavor of natural CBD oils.

  • The Speed of Absorption

We all understand that water enters straight into the bloodstream without digestion. Therefore, CBD water is the fastest way to feel the effects of CBD. That is why CBD water is the best in dealing with anxiety and pain. On the other hand, CBD oils have carrier oil that enhances absorption, but still, CBD water absorbs faster. Therefore, use CBD water if you want faster results.

  • The Difference in Contents

Although CBD is used in both products, one has more while the other has less of the CBD elements. CBD oil has some additional naturally occurring cannabidiol. Water only has a limited amount of CBD and organic chemicals. However, CBD-infused water is enriched only with the purest CBD extracts. Nanotechnology makes this possible.

  • Prices

CBD-infused water is more expensive than CBD oil in most cases. This is quite against the expectation of most people. It is good to understand that CBD infused water is not just like a regular bottle of water. Some people might be unsure of the safety of this kind of water, but it is indeed the safest water you can buy from a shop.

  • Is CBD-infused Water Legal? 

All hemp-derived CBD products with less than 0.3 % THC are legal in most states. Most of these products are, however, still illegal in some states. It is essential to check whether your state allows the distribution and consumption of these products before buying them. Most CBD water product does not have THC. 

Our Final Thoughts on CBD Water

CBD water is simply one of the best innovations to arise in the world of CBD. It is the purest form of CBD you can ever have. Do not hesitate to try it out anytime you feel like having CBD. Always ensure that you buy CBD infused water from the right spots as advised early on. All the best!



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