Why is CBD Oil so Expensive?

Since its inception into the US market, CBD oil has become a household name among many Americans. Although there is the need to carry out extensive research to gather more information about the efficacy of CBD products, many people seem to agree that you can never overlook the benefits associated with it. However, it is vital that whenever you want to invest in CBD oil, you do some research to ensure the quality of the CBD products.

Notably, many people wonder what makes CBD products so costly. Well, CBD oil is so expensive for several reasons;

  • The hemp cultivation process is challenging to farmers
  • Extracting CBD oil and refining it is a complex process.
  • Investing in the CBD oil industry is a significant investment that requires lots of money. There is no doubt that CBD’s good manufacturing practices require significant investment.
  • The marketing and the distribution of CBD oil are most challenging.
  • Financial institutions such as banks doe do constantly support CBD companies.
  • Many people often do not understand CBD pricing.
  • Some unscrupulous sellers take advantage of the unsuspecting buyers to sell them inferior quality products. 

Sometimes, the high price of CBD products discourages many from investing in them. However, if you want to try out CBD products, you should never be discouraged because some brands you will come across in the industry are expensive for genuine reasons.

What to Look out for in the Best CBD Oil Products?

Instead of focusing on the price factor alone, it is essential always to ensure that the CBD product you want to purchase has the proper efficacy to help you accomplish your objectives. Besides, there is nothing good that comes on a silver platter easily. The challenge is when you purchase a product only to realize that the amount you spend does not complement the product’s value. Always watch out for the following.

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Third-party Lab Results

Any CBD oil production company keen on providing quality products to its customers will always ensure that they have third-party lab results. It is the best way to affirm that the quality of CBD oil in their products is incredible and hence capable of helping achieve your objectives. If you realize that the CBD company is not willing to provide you with third-party lab results, that should serve as a red flag.

Free Offers

The production of CBD products is arguably quite expensive. Therefore, it is not logical to find a company with lots of good deals. That could either mean that they are not genuine, or they are compromising on the quality. Hence, it is wise to avoid brands with lots of free offers.

Selling on Social Media

A good CBD company should have a well-established website to make it easy for customers to shop for their favorite products. CBD companies that sell their products on social media platforms cannot be trusted because sometimes, it might get hard for you to track them down. However, it would help to acknowledge that selling and advertising on social media are two different things.

Positive Reviews

One of the best strategies that you can always use to establish CBD products’ efficacy is reading online reviews. CBD brands that have many people recommending their products are most likely to be of the best quality. However, you should always ensure that the online reviews that you see are genuine.

Miracle Claims

They say that when the deal is too good, think twice. If you come across a CBD brand making lots of claims, that should tell you that they only after making money and not to provide you with quality products. Hence, it is essential to avoid companies that make lots of claims.

Are the Prices of CBD products Likely to come Down?

The fact that the price of CBD products is making it hard for most people to access them, many people are hoping that it should come down over time. The good news is that the price of CBD oil is likely to come down in the future despite the many benefits associated with it. This is because people are venturing into the business, which is likely to scale down the price of CBD products.

Why are Some CBD Products so Cheap?

Whiles some CBD products are pretty expensive, some are so cheap that many people find them tempting. Products such as CBD isolate may be cheap because they do not have other hemp plant components. If you are only interested in benefiting from CBD oil, then going for isolates will be a good idea. The other reason for some CBD products being cheap is because they are scams. Many unscrupulous sellers would want to reap where they did not sow, and those are the types that you would need to avoid by all means possible.

How Much Should I Pay for CBD oil?

Numerous factors influence the amount that you will spend on purchasing CBD products. They include the quality of the CBD oil, the shop, and the size. A bottle of highly refined CBD oil of 400mg to 500mg should go around $ 35. It is always wise to compare different brands to ensure that you are not making the wrong choice.

How do I Determine if a CBD product is Genuine?

Most people find it challenging to determine the authenticity of the product that they want to buy because they never take the time to do their research. Here are a few tips to put into consideration when looking to determine whether or not a product is genuine;

  • Look for reputable retailers who are keen to protect their reputation
  • Check out for informative details on the label of the product that you want to buy
  • Lo out for third-party reports
  • Genuine retailers do not make medical benefits claims
  • Check out for certificates from official organic authorities such as UK Soil Association.


The high price of CBD products indicates the challenging process involved in coming up with the end product. If you do not want to feel like you have wasted your money on an inferior product, it is essential to ensure that you go for brands with a good reputation. Additionally, it is good to remember that nothing good comes easily on a silver platter.