Leafwize Naturals Review

The discovery of the therapeutic benefits of CBD products was one of the best things that happened to the people who are suffering from various chronic conditions. Long before these discoveries, Cannabis was used by many societies to deal with anxieties and body pains. Today, more states have legalized the use of cannabis and its derivatives for medical use. This has led to a booming CBD manufacturing industry all across the world. Many brands are now taking advantage of the vibrant CBD oil market. Some of these companies are genuine while others are just here to milk money from the unnoticing patients. It is, therefore, important to carry out your own due diligence before going for any CBD product. In this review, we will look into Leafwize Naturals and its products.

About Leafwize Naturals

Leafwize Naturals is a CBD manufacturing company from Orange County, CA, USA. The company offers Health and Wellness products which mainly comprises of CBD and Terpenes. They do include a carrier famously known as MCT Oil, which increases its effectiveness in dealing with some of the medical conditions.

Leafwize Naturals makes one of the best CBD Oil Tinctures, which you can add to your coffee and get almost instant relaxation when you are depressed and anxiety-stricken. Moreover, the company tries to keep their products as natural as possible by using all-natural ingredients. This includes the use of natural flavors for those that do not like the earthy taste of Hemp. 

A good number of customer reviews indicate that their products are effective in dealing with symptoms of inflammation and anxiety. However, no one can validate such statements because some brands fake reviews to attract new clients. You, therefore, have to look at other aspects before concluding that Leafwize Naturals is the answer to your problems. Read the following sections to make better choices if you are still indecisive. 

 Sourcing of Leafwize Naturals

There not much information about the sourcing and growth of the raw whole hemp plants that they use to make their products. Nonetheless, they say that they get the raw hemp oil from farms located in California, Oregon, and Colorado. They also claim to carry out pre-testing for purity and the presence of contaminants. This implies that they do not monitor the growth cycle of these CBD oil raw materials. A responsible company should be particular with the farmers they source their raw hemp from and ensure that the organic farming practices. 

Also, they must ensure that the hemp plants are non-GMO. Many questions are revolving around their sourcing, which they need to be clear about for the sake of the public.

Lab testing of Leafwize Naturals

One good thing with Leafwize Naturals’ CBD is that they provide third-party lab test results along with the products. Actually, you can look at the test results and assess them before placing an order. This is very impressive because not many companies manage to be that transparent with such information. All their tests are done by Slabs. They provide these results in a document from where you can check the potency, purity, and quality of the product before adding it to the cart. 

Extraction and Manufacturing

After sourcing their raw hemp from local farms in Oregon and Colorado, they carry out extraction and manufacturing in their premises. This is a good sign because some rogue companies source already manufactured Hemp oil and do the packaging. With that, you cannot control the quality because you are not the one who is doing the extraction and manufacturing. 

All their extraction and manufacturing processes take place in California. They then extract Cannabinoids using an environmentally-friendly CO2 method. Even so, their CBD derivatives come with polysorbate, which is not what pure CBD is all about.

Leafwize Naturals Product Review

Leafwize Naturals says that they are committed to offering all-natural products. And certainly, some of their CBD oil tinctures and other vape cartridges seem to hit that standard. They also add simple and natural ingredients to enhance the efficacy of their products. Some of the main ingredients that they add include essential oils and a few other plant terpenes.

Here are the Product categories provided by Leafwize Naturals:

  • CBD Oil Tinctures
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  • CBD Vape
  • Vape Cartridges
  • Vape Pen Batteries
  • CBD Topicals
  • Salve
  • Balm
  • Lotion
  • CBD Edibles
  • Gummies
  • Gelcaps
  • CBD Gift Boxes
  • Feel Good Gifts
  • CBD for Pets
  • Oil for Pets 
  • Dog Treats
  • CBD Chocolates

Why Does Leafwize Have a Lesser Trust Score?

Some people rely on third party scam detectors that use an algorithm to rate such websites. For instance, the rating on the Scamadviser algorithm raises eyebrows. That does not, however, imply that the company is rogue. It is important to depend on your findings rather than being fed by other people who have different interests. You can check the legitimacy of the company by visiting their official online store. If you do not have time to do all those investigations, then you can go for our number one recommendation; proleve CBD oil.

From the experience of the previous customers, it seems like the shopping experience is a cool one. They have a very simple and organized website that displays important tabs for easier navigation and order. Leafwize being a legitimate business, you do not have to worry about security. All you should worry about is the effectiveness of their products because every patient has different experiences with them.


Their products come from Hemp, which has less psychoactive properties. They also ensure that they need the industry THC levels (Less than 0.3% THC). Since CBD oils are legal in all 50 states, they can ship to every party of the country. They usually offer free shipping for orders over $50. Note that they ship smaller orders for only $3.

How to use Leafwize CBD Products?

There is not a single prescription for all people, especially when it comes to CBD products that are ingested. Every individual has their own doses depending on their age, size, and metabolism. Therefore, consider those factors before purchasing better results. It is advisable to start with smaller doses as your body adapts.

Final Word

Unlike some brands, Leafwize naturals try to share information about them even though it is not satisfactory. They provide third-party lab results, which are a great indication that they value your health. However, you have to seek advice from an experienced doctor before investing in any of their products.