What is CBD Oil? -Everything that You Need to Know

CBD is the short form for cannabidiol. The cannabidiol molecule comes from a cannabis Sativa plant which also includes hemp. Cannabidiol molecule is one of many phytocannabinoid chemicals that are uniquely found in the cannabis plant family.

CBD Before Documentation

Decades of marijuana prohibition makes people think that the use of CBD for therapeutic benefits is a recent discovery. Before even the first documentation on the use of cannabis by the Chinese emperor, it was used for recreational purposes in an ancient village in Taiwan. This dates back for over 12,000 years.

The First Documentation

Before the recent internet revolution, the use of cannabis Sativa plant roots in Asia. However, there is no solid documentation to support this phenomenon. The only surviving documentation was that of Emperor Neng entitled Pen Ts’au. This text highlighted the use of cannabis in mitigating several ailments. Chinese medicine practitioners use the referenced text to do more study on the therapeutic benefits of this plant.

The records show that CBD was first used and documented around 2727 BC. The use of CBD Oil dates back even before the first civilization. At this time, a Chinese Emperor Sheng Neng used cannabis tea to help alleviate many ailments. He used this product to deal with a short memory, malaria, and gout. From this era, the use of cannabis grew, and many people embraced it more.

Early Studies on CBD

In 1839, an Irish medical doctor and scholar, William B. O’Shaughnessy, carried out a study to investigate the plant’s therapeutic benefits. In the controversial study, O’Shaughnessy discovered the elementary effects of cannabis Sativa and carefully described its possible medical applications. He mainly recommended it as great anesthesia. This physician may not have realized the impact of what he had started. It is from his studies that more discoveries came forth. From these discoveries, it was found that the plants have important compounds called cannabinoids.

Queen Victoria

After this early study, Queen Victoria started using cannabis Sativa to relieve herself from menstrual cramps throughout her reign. As you can see, cannabis served as an essential therapeutic resource throughout history. The rise of modern medicine and war on psychoactive components made the use and study of CBD to slow down.

The Early Discovery of Cannabinoids

About a century passed after O’Shaughnessy’s study. The advancements in research on cannabis resurfaced again. More energy put towards finding out about the compounds (cannabinoids) that have therapeutic benefits.

A British chemist called Robert S. Cahn made the first discovery of a specific cannabinoid. He reported the incomplete structure of the Cannabinol (CBN) compound that he completed in 1940. This confirmation gave other researchers more urge and insight to carry on with more discoveries about cannabinoids. One of the researchers that were more inspired and provided a groundbreaking discovery is Roger Adams.

The first Isolation of CBD

Two years later, after O’Shaughnessy’s study, an American chemist Roger Adams made history by successfully isolating the first cannabinoid known Cannabidiol (CBD). This discovery happened in the year 1940. He later teamed with other scholars to look into this plant further. It is from his research that the breakthrough of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) came. The motive behind this isolation was to get the healthful compound (CBD) from the plant with psychoactive qualities.

Then in 1946, Dr Walter S. Loewe conducted the first CBD test on an animal. He found that Cannabidiol (CBD) does not alter the state of mind as marijuana does. Dr Raphael Mechoulam identified the correct molecule’s three-dimensional structure.

War on cannabis Sativa and its Derivatives

In the 1970s, the war on Drugs intensified, and this made it hard for a researcher to carry out more studies. The natural alternatives started to find a way back, and the discussion on marijuana started again.

In 1998, GW Pharmaceuticals from England carried successful CBD trials on various ailments, and it worked. More tests started, and the debate about legalizing the use of CBD intensified more than ever.

As technology advanced, there was more awareness of CBD and other hemp derivatives. Many people started using CBD for remedying tumours, seizures, chronic pain, etc.

The Breakthrough

In December 2018, legislatures passed a new Farm Bill making industrial hemp-derived CBD legal. The debate with the FDA to fully legalize CBD is still on, and the signs are promising. Many states legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

In summary: CBD has come a long way, and now more than thirty states legalized the medicinal plant for therapeutic use. Some are still adamant, but the conversation is global now, and the future looks bright. Ensure that you check the federal law before buying any cannabis-derived products.

Why Have CBD and Hemp Products Become so Popular?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis/hemp plants. It is responsible for the therapeutic qualities of hemp. CBD has come a long way, and it is even more popular than before. Even if you have not used any hemp product, you might have heard about it. 

In the past decade, everybody has seen an abrupt rise in the popularity of CBD and hemp extracts. Many debates are going on globally regarding full legalization of CBD and other hemp products. But what has made CBD and Hemp Products so popular? Read on to apprehend the factors spearheading this sudden growth.

No Psychoactive Effects

CBD oil and other hemp products are allowed in the market because they come from industrial cannabis or industrial hemp. The ability to isolate CBD from other compounds like THC has made it more useful. And this is what is causing the euphoria over these products. Most industrial hemp/cannabis products do not have a significant amount of THC. 

The law allows only hemp extracts that have less than 0.3% THC into the market. Therefore, ingesting CBD and other hemp derivatives will not get you high. Instead, it helps to relax your muscles and brain. They are the best natural products for dealing with pain, insomnia, and anxiety. For this reason, the products have become more popular than ever.

Healthful Impacts

CBD and hemp products serve many healthful benefits to human beings and animals. The products act as relievers for many maladies. Ever since industrial hemp got passed as law in the USA Farm Bill, many doors have opened. The products have very many benefits to the users. 

Some of the common ailments that hemp derivatives solve include: insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, seizures, skin conditions and many more. These impacts have made many people try these products. 


Many manufacturers have come up to develop hemp products that meet the needs of their customers. The rise in the number of CBD developers has made the competition to go high. When the competition is high, many companies lower their prices. Many people now can buy CBD and other hemp extracts at affordable prices.

Easily Available

The advancement in technology makes it possible for users to access them. Most developers sell their CBD and other hemp derivatives through the internet. Most of these companies have reliable online shopping systems that make them readily available all over the world. The products get shipped within a short period because of improved transportation and communication.

Beauty Products and Cosmetics

CBD and hemp products are very versatile in usage. They are used in foodstuffs, medicine, and cosmetics. Many women dominate the industry, and they are the biggest buyers of beauty products. CBD and hemp help to deal with many skin conditions. Many women and men are using the products to look fresh and healthy.

How Does CBD work?

CBD works by linking with the body receptors along with the endocannabinoid system. The Endocannabinoid system is the body’s regulatory coördination framework that has cannabis-like compounds. These endocannabinoids work like neurotransmitters. They relay messages throughout the body to help it maintain homeostasis. 

Essentially, cannabinoids like cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol interact with your endocannabinoid system at the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

CBD and CB1 Receptors

CB1 receptors are mainly found in the brain. The brain is the main hub for cognition, motor skills, memory, perception, and pain. They are also found along the peripheral nervous system, thyroid, liver, uterus, and other organs. For instance, THC will attach itself to the CB1 receptors to inhibit any release of neurotransmitters. 

It aswell increases the possible release of others which alters the normal functioning of the brain. However, when you ingest CBD that does not contain a significant amount of THC, nothing substantial happens on your brain.

CBD and CB2 Receptors

The most popular for ingesting CBD is through CBD oils. Most researchers thought that CBD did what THC did to CB1 receptors. CB2 receptors are predominantly found in your immune and gastrointestinal systems. They also exist in the brain and your nervous system. 

CBD buoys up the body to release more of its endocannabinoids. The more it produces these endocannabinoids, the more your muscles relax. This ultimately helps to ease anxiety, chronic pain, and inflammation.


CBD is not addictive. Any use of cannabidiol (CBD) cannot create dependence on your mind. The only products that cause addiction are marijuana products. There are no drugs cases reported by people who use CBD from industrial hemp. Even if ingest a high amount of CBD, you will not get high or addicted to cannabidiol.

How CBD Alleviates Anxiety

CBD triggers hippocampal neurogenesis which is the regeneration of neurons in your hippocampus. Hippocampus is responsible for perception and memory. When one suffers from stress and anxiety, the brains become smaller. This makes one make impaired judgments and show irrational thinking patterns when they are in depression. 

Cannabidiol directly impacts the brain’s neurotransmitter receptors. CBD, therefore, makes one relax by increasing Serotonin into the brain. People who have chronic anxieties can manage the condition by using CBD instead of SSRI. Always seek advice from a doctor before using CBD.

Treating Substance Abuse

CBD helps to treat substance abuse by reducing dependence on morphine, heroin and other drugs. Cannabidiol can as well prevent relapsing and withdrawal symptoms.

Losing Weight

CBD can also help you to cut weight. Ingesting CBD oil helps to suppress your appetite. It works by effectively blocking the CB1 receptors. CB1 receptors are responsible for stimulating appetite hormones. It is, therefore, correct to say that it works by discouraging appetite hormones.