Theramu CBD Oil 2020 Review 

Since the legislatures understood the health and economic benefits of cannabis and its derivatives, more states are legalizing CBD products. The December 2018, Farm Bill for making industrial hemp-derived CBD legal passed. Ever since it became a law, more debates are conducted to appeal to FDA to legalize CBD products copiously. 

Many states now allow the use of CBD for medical purposes. However, the popular industry requirement for these products is ‘less than 0.3% THC’ for each product. Every company that manufactures hemp extracts should stay grounded to this requirement. In regards to these developments, a company is known as Theramu CBD now exists. It offers different products from organic hemp to help people carry on with healthy lives. Continue to read the information below to discover more about this Theramu CBD.

What You Need to Know About Theramu CBD

Theramu is a vibrant and innovative family-owned CBD manufacturing company that is making a name for itself in the fast flourishing industry. The young CBD Company operates from Bakersfield, California. Gary and Vickie Lowe founded it.

It is headed by Joel Greengrass, who is an impressive businessman and also happens to suffer from multiple sclerosis. The latter became captivated by the benefits of Theramu CBD products. He later turned down a chance to head a top company for Theramu.

Theramu CBD Company offers a truly outstanding product line, which includes topicals and tinctures. Most sources say that Theramu has a product that may manage pain and tissue inflammation. Their “Disruptive Innovation” product works best in dealing with chronic pain, swelling, and anxiety symptoms. 

Generally, Theramu provides an array of products that combine pain relief, anti-inflammation, and soothing properties of Cannabidiol (CBD) and Emu Oil. Theramu CBD utilizes Cannabinoids, which is 100% safe and non-psychoactive ingredient from the naturally sun-grown hemp plant.


Their mission is to help people get quick relief from various chronic conditions. 


As aforementioned, Theramu CBD gets its whole raw hemp from local farms. They can monitor the growth of hemp plants until mature and ready for harvest. They also ensure that the plants are non-GMO, no fertilizers used, and every farming practice is organic. This has greatly helped them to control quality. You can believe them when they say that all their products are safe because they monitor the growth process.

 Extraction and Manufacturing 

Theramu uses a clean process to extract CBD and other materials for manufacturing efficacy products. The main method they use to extract CBD from raw hemp is known as supercritical CO2. They also ensure that the THC levels are within the industry demands.

Third-party Testing

After the extraction process is over, they conduct both in-house and third-party lab testing to ensure that all products are safe for human and animal use. They also check the potency of their products at this stage. This information does not entirely mean that Theramu products are safe because no one can validate the information provided.

What Differentiates Theramu from Other Brands?

The main aspect that differentiates Theramu products from others is Emu Oil. Emu is a mammal fat that imitators human skin oil. It is the closest to skin oil incompatibility. Because of its similarity with the natural oils, Emu Oil can penetrate all the seven layers of the epidermis layer.

It usually bonds with a CBD molecule as they absorb together to the region affected by inflammation. Most manufacturers use plant-based carriers like coconut oils. These kinds of oils usually do not go further than four layers. Therefore, Theramu creams are ideal for dealing with tissue inflammations that cause pains and aches. 

The Emu Oil, which Theramu CBD uses are is by far the highest rating. Emu oil is known for its ability to increase blood flow, and its healing properties (anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic, and non-comedogenic properties).

Why Shop from Theramu?

  • Great customer service
  •  Unique formulation for better results.
  • Great range of flavors

Theramu CBD Product Lineup

Theramu CBD provides a very disruptive innovation that may be ideal for pain and inflammation management. The combination of Cannabidiol (CBD) and Emu Oil makes their ointments the best in dealing with the effects of inflammation, e.g., post-exercise pains. All of their CBD products are handcrafted into small sets to make sure that they offer the highest quality products for their clients.

Relieve Pro

Theramu Relieve is a product that is designed as a natural alternative for relieving pain and tissue inflammation. This helps to improve other people’s lives. It is a very fast-acting remedy when applied directly to the area where discomfit or pain is emanating from.

Calm Pro

Theramu Calm delivers all the typical health benefits of Theramu Relieve, which orally exists in a Mango formulated Sublingual Elixir. Just like other Theramu products, this one is a great natural alternative for reducing tissue and joint pains to improve the user’s life. When taken orally, the fast-reacting elixir contains pure hemp extracts that offer immediate relief. The available flavors are Mango, Peach, and Pineapple. Those that prefer the earthy taste of hemp can go for the unflavored Theramu calm, original strength elixir.

All products available at Theramu:

  • Elixirs (CBD oil)
  • Relieve Topical balms
  • Eye serum
  • Sooth Bath crystals
  • Beard balm

Possible Health Benefits of Theramu CBD Oil

  1. They have a very innovative and fast-active pain management product that includes Emu oil as a carrier for faster absorption.
  2. An extensive product selection that caters for almost all users
  3. It offers four different savors to choose from.


  • There are not readily available test results; you have to request for them.
  • Their shipping fees are quite expensive compared to other brands.

Shopping Experience

Theramu’s online store is straightforward to navigate for new customers. It provides information about the company, and essential tabs are conspicuous. You can always place an order after reviewing the products and identifying the one that suits your needs.

Final Thought

Although Theramu CBD do not specify the source of their hemp and the test results, Theramu still manages to win many customers because of its amazing topicals. They provide elixirs (CBD oils) in only two strengths Calm (300mg) and Calm pro strength (750mg). It could be better if they added more strength to fit more users. In general, Theramu offers great products that are worth trying. Always consult an experienced doctor before trying these products.