Johnny Apple CBD Oil Review 

Many companies are offering organic remedies to various ailments. The most relevant business right now is the selling of CBD Oils. More states are legalizing the use of these products, and so are the brands that are coming forth. One of the companies that are determined to providing remedies to different chronic conditions through CBD is Johnny Apple Cbd. Read on to understand more about them.

 About Johnny Apple CBD

 Johnny Apple CBD is a San Francisco-primarily based company specializing in a single product, only CBD. They are obsessed with CBD as it is said to be potent alleviator of joint and muscle pain, as well as a robust anti-anxiousness. The coveted physique aid of CBD just isn’t solely soothing and calming but free of any of the cognitive impairment related to THC.

Although this Company is young, it has managed to do a lot of things that most veterans were not able to accomplish. The only detrimental side of Johnny Apple is the ignite CBD product line. The assortment is limited compared to other companies. It can be a good thing because they are to focus entirely on the few products they have, but it leaves diverse users out.

The CBD crystalline isolate

They claim to offer CBD crystalline isolate, which may deal with different issues like ache aid, anti-anxiousness, insomnia, stress, PTSD, and anti-spasm. You can add their crystalline isolates to food or drinks for better ingestion. Also, they provide vapes, topicals, and drops.

 Company Highlights

Johnny Apple has many positive reviews online. It is fascinating that they are new in the business, but they are doing a great thing to better their product lineup.

  • Founded in 2010
  •  Operates from San Francisco, California
  •  Allows 3rd party lab testing for their products
  • Building Certification: Yes 
  • Above-average quality
  • Discounts: 15% Veteran’s Discount


Johnny Apple CBD Company asserts that source their raw whole hemp plants locally. The importance of sourcing hemp locally is that they can monitor the quality of the final products. 

Their growers use licensed non-GMO organic Hemp, vaguely bred for high quantities of CBD. The meticulous assortment of greater plants and harvesting allows Johnny Apple to offer some of the best isolates. Sourcing from monitored farms helps a company to control the quality of their products.


Manufacturing Process

In the quest to come up with the safest products, Johnny Apple tries to use a clean method of extraction. Also, the Company uses a clean method of extraction because they value the environment. The refinement process yields concentrations of up to 99.9% pharmaceutical rating CBD. The process they use is known as supercritical CO2 extraction process.


Specialization Medical Grade CBD Products

  1. The Company states that they make products that may restore a healthy and peaceful life. According to most sources, Johnny Apple is plausible for manufacturing CBD products that may deal with all kinds of pains, anxiety, and stress. They also assure the users that their products cannot cause psychoactive effects because they meet the industry requirement of less than 0.3% THC.
  2. They are keen on the quality and safety of their products, so they only use non-GMO organic Hemp. Johnny Apple CBD Company breeds their Hemp for high CBD potent concentrations. With that, they can offer 99.9% pharmaceutical-grade CBD products. 
  3. To validate the quality of their products, you can check out the third-party lab test results before buying. Johnny Apple always ensures that they use third party CB Labs to ascertain the purity and potency of their results. They then publish them online for the visitors to consider ideal potencies for their conditions.


Johnny Apple CBD uses all-natural terpenes, which add aromatic savor and an entourage effect to a couple of products.


Johnny Apple CBD Products

Here are the products that the Company offers:

  • Johnny Apple CBD Bliss Vape Cartridge 
  • Johnny Apple CBD Tincture 1000mg 
  • Johnny Apple CBD Tincture 500mg 
  • Johnny Apple CBD Honey Oil 
  • Johnny Apple CBD Zynergy Vape Cartridge 
  • Johnny Apple CBD Terpene Isolate Zenergy 
  • Johnny Apple CBD Terpene Isolate Calm 
  • Johnny Apple CBD Terpene Isolate Bliss
  • Johnny Apple CBD Gummies 
  • Johnny Apple Sour Vegan CBD Gummies 
  • Johnny Apple CBD Crumble Wax 
  • Johnny Apple CBD Topical Balm Calm 
  • Johnny Apple CBD Recovery Ointment 
  • Johnny Apple CBD Broad Spectrum Wax 
  • Johnny Apple CBD Pure Vape Cartridge 
  • Johnny Apple CBD Calm Vape Cartridge 


Top picks from Johnny Apple. 

These are methods of administration offered by the Company to meet the needs of various CBD users.

Johnny Apple STEM

  •  Have a unique vaporizer starter kit known as STEM. It is the leading pod vaporizer made to use hemp-extracted CBD oil. The kit comes with a vaporizer battery, a USB charger, and a user manual. 


Johnny Apple isolates

  • Johnny Apple Isolates are thought to be the best in relieving anxiety, insomnia, and pain. They come in different savors to meet the different preferences by the CBD users (mint, berry, and citrus)


Johnny Apple Topicals

  • Their topical comes in two options (regular and extra strength). They claim to provide relief to chronic pain.


Johnny Apple Tinctures

  • They claim that their tinctures are best in alleviating anxiety and depression signs. Most companies make their tinctures with alcohol, but Johnny Apple creates it with 100% coconut-derived MCT oil. The main strengths of their website are 500mg and 1,000mg.


Johnny Apple Wax

  • The Company offers two different options when it comes to CBD wax: honey wax and live resin dabber wax. Some users claim that they taste better and do not cause an entourage effect.


Safety and Shopping Experience


Unlike some creepy brands, Johnny Apple is transparent about their sourcing, manufacturing, and testing. Most sources conclude that their products are safe, although FDA has not approved these statements.

Their website is easy to navigate and place orders. Also, they are a legit business; you do not have to doubt about your online safety when accessing their website. However, you have to consult a qualified doctor before buying any of the above mentioned CBD products from Johnny Apple.

Final Verdict

Generally, Johnny Apple gets more approvals because they are transparent. You can try their products in small potions to see how your body responds. All the best!