Irie CBD Oil 2020 Comprehensive Review

CBD products are said to help in alleviating quite a number of health conditions. Some of the conditions that CBD oil may curb include chronic pains, depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, and more. Everyone that is experiencing such unrelenting problems is always looking for a solution that could halt them. You have probably come across hundreds of CBD products from different companies. Since most companies sell their products online, it makes it even tricky to make a better decision. It is, therefore, essential to seek information about the products you are considering buying so that you place the right order. There is a possibility that you have come across Irie CBD products, and you are wondering whether or not they are effective and safe. Read on to understand more about this company and its CBD products.

Irie CBD Background Information

Irie CBD was set up by Karen Lane, Rick Potts, and Trevor Hill in 2015. The company operates from San Diego, California, under a parent organization known as Freedom Leaf. Irie CBD offers a unique, safe, and specialized line of CBD tinctures.

The name “Irie” comes from the Rastafarian dictionary, which means good or pleasing. Rastafarians are known for their love and praise for marijuana and its products. They do claim that it has many health implications, including calming anxiety and nervousness. The founders of Irie CBD intended to manufacture products that make you feel pleasant and relaxed.
Their product choice and language follow a theme of niceness and lovely content, which brings its customers closer. Nonetheless, Irie CBD does not disclose much information about their story.

After two years of establishment and exponential growth, the stakeholders decided to rebrand the company by expanding their product line. Following the accomplishment of Irie CBD oil, the parent company ‘Freedom Leaf’ sort out to buy all the assets under this brand (formulas, trademarks, formulating equipment, and products).

Irie CBD claims to be “socially conscious” thus, they try to be transparent when it comes to the significant pros and cons. Unfortunately, Irie CBD does not provide third-party lab test results for any of their products on their website. Nevertheless, from their users’ experiences, the customer service team can provide the lab test results if you request. The company is still in operation, and more products are being introduced into the market. Learn more about Irie CBD products  and the health benefits that it might have in the following sections.

Lab Testing

Most companies try to do both in house and third-party lab testing for all their products. The intention is always to make sure that the final product is efficacy and safe for human and pet use. Unfortunately, there is no proving that their products go through third-party lab testing since there are no lab results on their website.


Irie CBD sources most of its raw hemp plants from organic farms based in North America (not certified). They try to carry out a test for every batch to determine the level of purity and safety. They claim that all of their hemp products come from pure raw whole-hemp plant materials. Before they harvest, Irie CBD ensures that the plants meet the industry quality control standards. This allows them to confirm if the raw plants are non-GMO and pesticide-free.


Most brands like to add flavor to their products. This can be a good thing for some and bad others. For Irie CBD oils, they have a natural, earthy savor. It is understood that most people dislike the earthy taste of CBD oil, and this may put them off. Irie CBD Hemp Sticks come in Coconut and Honey flavors. You can opt for these two if you do not like the natural taste of hemp. However, the earthy taste of hemp assures you that you are indeed using real hemp extracts.

Shopping Experience

Irie CBD website allows the customers to specify their viewing selection by the type of product. This makes it easy for them to place orders without wasting too much time. Also, it is very safe to shop on their site because it is a legitimate business. Generally, the shopping experience at the Irie CBD website is great.

Irie CBD Product Line

Irie CBD has a reasonably wide product range that includes different product types. They try to cover the main methods of applications to meet the needs of different types of CBD users. Irie CBD offers topicals (great pain relief and cosmetics), tinctures (for various uses), and a pet CBD oil. They used to offer CBD capsules, but they no longer display them on their website. No one knows if they stopped manufacturing CBD capsules, or they are just out of stock for some time.

Overall, the available options works really well, provided you get the right strengths for your conditions. The forms of CBD that Irie CBD offers include edibles, capsules, supplements, and topicals. You can even get a product for your lovely pet.

Irie Top products

1. CBD Oil

Strengths that are available on their website include:
Their full oils spectrum gently infused with other pure and natural ingredients. Irie CBD tinctures contain naturally occurring terpenes, fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, 9), and phytonutrients.

2. CBD Topical

The only Irie CBD topical strength available is 500mg. Their creams may deal with inflammation and soreness.

3. CBD Capsules

Capsules that used to be offered were 300mg. They are usually blended with MCT oil (enteric and liposomal capsules). They are easy to ingest and are highly digestible.

4. CBD Edibles

Irie CBD edibles are available in 500 mg and 1000mg strengths. Some clients claim that these CBD edibles are the best remedies for inflammation.

Customer Care Service

They have a very active customer service team that helps new buyers. In general, Irie CBD has a genuinely helpful customer team, according to most customers that contact them.


1. They use locally sourced American hemp.
2. Detailed product information for every product page.
3. Wide product selection to need the needs of different CBD users.
4. They offer the best tasting Hemp Sticks
5. They are precisely a philanthropic venture.


1. No lab test results on their website.
2. Sometimes CBD capsules are out of stock.

Final Notes

Irie CBD offers an excellent selection of products that suits different customers. Their customer service is reliable and helpful. They also try to educate their customers through the FAQ page on their website. You can try Irie CBD products that have smaller strengths to see how your body responds. All the best!