How CBD Oil Users Can Stay Away from Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus being a serious pandemic that is giving the world a hard time, everyone needs to do everything at their disposal to ensure that they play an important role in containing the situation. CBD oil users should also ensure that they do not fall victim to the deadly virus by ensuring that they are well informed. There are numerous things that a CBD oil user can do to stay safe, as illustrated in this post.

Facts About Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus has been the talk of the town since WHO declared a pandemic. Countries are trying their best to ensure that they are able to suppress both the health and economic threats that can be brought about by the deadly virus. The following are some of the facts about the coronavirus that you may want to familiarize yourself with.

  1. Coronavirus was discovered in 2019 and has been known to be transmitted fast among human beings.
  2. Covid-19 is Zoonotic. What this simply means is that it can be transmitted between animals and people. Investigations carried out by WHO and other reputable organizations show that SARS-Cov was passed on to humans from civet cats. Also, MERS-CoV was passed to human dromedary camel to man. In other words, there are several viruses that are found in animals that are yet to be transmitted to a human being.
  3. The Common Signs of the coronavirus include fever, shortness of breath, respiratory symptoms, and breathing difficulties. If you find yourself experiencing all those mentioned signs, then it will be in order if you seek medical attention. Different states have different ways of ensuring that their citizens get the help they need.
  4. Regular washing of hands is the standard recommendation for preventing the infection.

Measures to Put in Place to Manage the Corona Virus Pandemic

Someone wise somewhere said, ‘Prevention is better than cure’, and due to the outbreak of corona

(virus COVID-19), prevention is our only hope. So, how do you ensure that you don’t contact this

virus? And if you happen to be among the few with the COVID-19, how do you ensure you get

through it safely with zero transmission to your loved ones? Well, sit tight, don’t panic because

having this virus is not a death sentence. Research has shown that over 70% of people infected

with the Coronavirus have recovered. You need the following measures to ensure that you are safe and

free from the virus.

Corona Virus Safety Tips

Avoid Crowded Zones

The virus spread from one person to another, and getting yourself away from the affected zones will

do you some good. Ensure at all costs that you don’t visit crowded places like clubs. And if it is a

must that you visit these places, ensure that you wash your hands with alcohol-based sanitizer every opportunity you get. Also, while in the city,

ensure that you maintain at least one-meter distance from you to the next person. This is so because

COVID-19 is transmitted through droplets, and if you happen to be near the infected person, chances are

you are next in line. 

Wash your Hand with Sanitizer

The structural nature of this virus gives us a chance to kill it by washing using an alcohol-based sanitizer. The virus can be killed using ethanol or normal detergent. The more you wash your hand regularly, the

better. You can avoid touching public places, and if you happen to do so, ensure that you don’t use

the same hand to touch your face(that is hard to come by, and that is why washing your hand is the best option) 

The virus gets into the body through the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. So you have to ensure that you protect this essential point by all means possible. Washing your hand will help prevent the spread of this virus by 60%. The trick here is to ensure the source and the channel is


Report any Suspicion to COVID-19 Hotline in your State

COVID-19 Symptoms are clear and noticeable if you happen to have a fever, cough, and headache

after visiting suspicious and crowded areas you better call your country’s COVID-19 hotline in time.

The earlier, the better and remember having this virus is not the end of your life. Many people who report the

infection in time have recovered well. This is not something to shy of; it is an outbreak that finds you

not the other way round. If today you notice the above symptoms, make a wise move by isolating yourself

from the rest of the family and call your country COVID-19 hotline.

Minimize Gatherings

It is time to stock your house with everything you need to ensure your food supply is on point and

reduce at all cost any gatherings in your neighborhood or any other places. This being an outbreak, chances are among a hundred people two might have the virus. Not specifically infected but in their hands by touching the infected place. Being in these gatherings increases your chances of getting the virus by half the safety time you could have spent in your house enjoying other things. 

You can also try some supplements like CBD products that may help you in managing stress. 

Use a Sterilized Face Towel

An average person cannot avoid touching his or her face, it is hard, and if you try, it will last only for ten

minutes. The main entry point of this virus is in your eyes and all the face openings. So, having your

face towel with you every time you sneeze or feel like touching your face can help. This is only for

those who are in the affected place or in a public place. Before going out, ensure you sterilize your

towel and dry it well. Your hands as well should be clean, and the same should be repeated. Washing

your hands before and after entering public transport like trains and public buses is highly recommended.

What to do if you suspect that Corona Virus has infected you?

Once you realize that the virus may have infected you, it is important to protect the people around you. One way to achieve this objective is to self-isolate before seeking the assistance of professionals. The number to call when seeking assistance varies from one state to state. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the number before the disaster strikes.

How to Spend Self-Quarantine Time?

Human beings are social beings, and when the circumstances demand that they go through a self-quarantine process, some may take it as a punishment. However, the truth is that self-isolation is good for you as well as for those people that you love. So if you find that the feeling to resist self-isolation is getting strong, you should fight it by all means possible. There are several things that you can do to spend your time wisely.

Manage Anxiety with CBD Oil ( CBD products may help in managing stress and anxiety)

If you have never used CBD products before, then you might want to give them a try now. Although the FDA has not approved most CBD oil brands, the truth is that they can help you in several ways. For instance, using a quality CBD oil brand may help you fight anxiety, stress, and even cancer-related problems. Most people who have had the opportunity to make use of CBD oil have a lot of positive things to take about it, and this is why you should also ensure that you give it a try. The main point here is to make sure that you get the best CBD oil in the market.

Read Novels

They say knowledge is power, and if you even find yourself in a situation where you have to isolate yourself, then you should take this opportunity to read and gather the knowledge that you need to overcome some problems. There are all types of novels that you might need. So all that you need to do is to identify the type of genre that you think will excite you and stick to it. If you are a business person, then reading novels related to business will be of great help.

Read the Bible

The Bible is a Holy book that may illuminate your path in this world if you take the advice therein seriously. Surprisingly, the Bible talks about pandemics, and God assures his people that if they pray to Him and repent from their wrongdoings, he will surely help them out of their problems. So if you never read the Bible often, then take this opportunity to explore the Bible and get to know what the Almighty God has in store for you.

Be Creative

You can also be creative in several ways. You can as well think about something that you can do once the pandemic is over to improve your social and economic life. The fact that the majority of those who have been infected were able to recover means that being infected by the virus is not a death sentence.