Highland Pharms 2020 Review

More new CBD options are flooding the market, and it is making it hard for new buyers to differentiate between quality and substandard products. You deserve to get what you pay for. That is why you need to read our reviews before buying any CBD oil product. In this review, you will understand everything necessary about Highland Pharms as a company and its products.

Who are Highland pharms?

Highland Pharms is a renowned CBD manufacturing company that came into existence in 2015. Luke Johnston founded the company from Texas. He was a cancer patient who partnered with other colleagues to help other patients in dealing with the effects of chemotherapy. Although he lost his life, his legacy still lives on since Highland Pharms is still operating.

The Highland pharms manufactures healthful CBD Oil that help in dealing with different conditions as they assert. Although these products are popular, that does not mean they are entirely effective. However, from the comments of their customers, these products seem to work out for a number of them.

Highland Pharms also offer unprocessed raw CBD extracts. These raw extracts are mainly high in CBDA, and they offer exceptional health benefits to their users. Read on to apprehend whether or not it is a wise idea to invest in Highland Pharms products.


Highland Pharms sources their raw whole-plant hemp from local farmers that practice organic farming. A large quantity of their non-GMO hemp plants come Colorado farms. The company sources its hemp plants locally for easy quality control practices.


The company uses the ‘Super Critical CO2’ extraction method in manufacturing their products. This method is the best because it does not denature cannabinoids and other elements. They try to avoid the use of butane (heating) and mechanical pressing because they damage the therapeutic molecules of the extracts. Therefore, your health is guaranteed since the manufacturing process is entirely clean.

Lab Test results

Unlike some brands, Highland Pharms provides results of the analysis for every product that is available online. Third-party lab tests are important because they help to verify the potency, efficacy, and safety of the product. Do not risk buying a product that does not have lab tests. 

Highland Pharms allows you to access the result database by clicking the “test results” tab on their website home page.


Highland Pharms offers a couple of options with different flavors to meet the needs of their diverse users. Their CBD oil products are available in the following flavor profiles;

  1. Mint
  2. Natural
  3. Strawberry

Most Highland Pharms CBD oil users prefer the mint savor since its piquancy flavor masks the natural taste of hemp properly.

Range of Products

Highland Pharms manufactures an extensive line of products under their name. Some of the consumption offerings they offer include conventional CBD oils, capsules, gummies, vape oils, topicals, and pet products.

Basically, there is something for every single CBD user that intends to shop Highland Pharms products.

1. CBD Drops

Highland Pharms manufactures tinctures with the following strengths: 250mg, 500mg, 1250 mg, 6000 mg, and 15000mg. Their CBD drops are relatively affordable and quite safe, according to the users. The varying concentrations of their tinctures allow you to determine the best option for your condition. Usually, chronic conditions require CBD oils with higher concentrations. If you are a new user, try to start with smaller strengths as you adapt.

2. CBD Capsules 

Their CBD pills come in 15 mg, 25mg, 50mg, and 75mg CBD per gummy strength options. Also, remember that soft gel capsules include other natural cannabinoids like CBDA, CBG, CBN, amino acids, and terpenes.

3. CBD Vape Oil

They only offer 250mg and 495mg strengths. Highland Pharms CBD vape oil consists of all-natural ingredients. They are efficacy, smooth, and safe to use. Their vape oils come in six different flavors.

4. CBD Creams

This option is one of Highland Pharms’ ways to deal with pains and general tissue inflammation. Highland Pharms creams and lotions absorb into your body faster compared to most options. All their creams and lotions are naturally made and full-spectrum for better results. Also, this option has all the cannabinoids and photo-nutrients that occur naturally in plants.

Highland Pharms creams are smooth and lighter, which makes them ideal the face. On the other hand, their lotions are somewhat heavier and are ideal for applying to other parts. All Highland Pharms creams and lotions have a sweet savor and not greasy.

5. CBD Extract

As aforementioned, Highland Pharms offers raw CBD extract. Their raw CBD extract comes in the purest and most natural form. It is thought to contain over 90 cannabinoids, 100+ terpenes, and more than 300 other trace compounds. Highland Pharms uses a supercritical CO2 method of extraction, which allows them to maintain the chemical make-up of the CBD extracts.

Other products include:

  1. CBD Wax 
  2. Superfood 
  3. CBD Gummies 
  4. Pet CBD (5mg per treat)

Shopping Experience

Different people have different experiences when shopping for Highland Pharms products. Of course, there are mixed reactions from the buyers, but positive sentiments stand out. Some new CBD users say that the application options of Highland Pharms products are many and overwhelming to choose from. However, those that are looking for a wide variety will love shopping for Highland Pharms products. Generally, the online shopping experience is appealing and safe for everyone.

Highland Pharms CBD offers a very generous 30-days return policy. However, they have some restrictions on their refund policy. Also, the company ships all products for free for the local orders. Their packaging is sustainable, and most clients say that they receive their orders without any alteration or damage.

Why buy Highland Pharms?

1. Pharmaceutical grade hemp

  1. American-grown hemp
  2. Organic and Non-GMO Hemp
  3. Wide product line
  4. Free shipping on all orders
  5. Transparent 
  6. Full-spectrum cannabinoids
  7. Batch-specific lab testing
  8. Eco-friendly packaging

Why others dislike Highland Pharms?

  1. Their site does not provide information about them. The site is somewhat clunky in terms of the design.
  2. Some of their oils have confusing labeling; for instance, “Max” and “Ultra” are often confused.

Final Thoughts 

While they do not provide the ‘about us’ tab on their website, they still manage to win more users because of the quality of their products. Highland Pharms products are high-quality, safe, and nutritious, according to their customers. They are also transparent, affordable, and use sustainable practices, especially in packaging. We, therefore, recommend that you try some of the products from Highland Pharms after consulting a physician. All the best!