Health Benefits Associated With Hemp Oil – ( Top Uses of Hemp Oil )

Hemp is known in different societies all around the world as a remedy to various ailments among other uses. However, some people discourage its usage due to the bizarre claims that it has marijuana elements. This guide will illuminate light on hemp oil and its health implications to human beings.

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is full-spectrum oil from the hemp plant or the cannabis plant. It’s mother plant is a unique form of Cannabis Sativa plant but has fewer amounts of cannabinoids. It has a low volume of cannabinoids, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and the CBD oil (cannabidiol). Therefore, hemp oil is not marijuana as most people presume. Since THC levels are less in the plant, its oil may not contain these traces as well.

The advancement in technology has made it possible for hemp oil manufacturers to develop a product that is 99.99% free from cannabinoids.

Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

Most people confuse hemp oil with CBD oil. Some think they are the same products. There is a huge difference between the two. CBD oil comes from both the hemp plant and cannabis Sativa plant. On the other hand, hemp oil can only be extracted from the hemp plant.

Hemp oil has certain limited levels of CBD/THC depending on the extraction process and part of the plant used. Usually, hemp oil that lacks THC comes from the seeds while the one that has THC traces from resin glands. The presence or absence of THC in hemp oil determines how hemp oil works in the body.

The Healing Power of Cannabis Plant

Hemp oil has the power to remedy various health conditions, including skin problems, mental difficulties, and dealing with malnutrition. Equally, full-spectrum hemp oil comprises a plant matter that helps in alleviating health problems like; inflammation, brain fog, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, acne, nutrition deficiency, anxiety, and pain.

When looking for hemp oil or best CBD oil for therapeutic purposes, make sure you look out for the ingredients. Read on to apprehend more about health conditions that hemp oil alleviates.

1. Skin Problems

Hemp oil has essential fatty acids that treat several skin conditions. Vitamins and fatty acids from the hemp the seed are crucial in the body. These elements are vital in keeping the skin healthy.

Studies show that hemp seed oil is rich in nourishing oils and fatty acids that prevents skin problems and keep up healthy skin. Some of the main conditions alleviated by hemp oil are acne, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, lichen planus, etc.

Most skin conditions are as a result of inflammation. As highlighted above, hemp oil is a healthful product for tackling all kinds of inflammation, skin aging and oxidation. Furthermore, hemp oil is proven to help the skin to resist infections by strengthening it.

a) Acne

Hemp oil is crucial in healing of this common skin condition. Fatty acids in the hemp oil help to balance the skin’s fat composition. This is very important in preventing inflammation that causes acne. Hemp seed oil that has traces of CBD/THC can as well help to deal with acne.

Acne is a red bump on the skin caused by inflammation of the sebaceous glands beneath the skin. So, the oil works by reducing the amount of sebum produced from sebum glands. The reduction in sebum production reduces the outbreak of acne.

b) Eczema

Hemp seed oil is also essential in preventing and dealing with eczema. Eczema is rough and inflamed skin patches that are often itchy and causes bleeding.

Also, fatty acids in hemp seed oil can positively affect your body’s immune responses. Your body’s immunity depends on the balance between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. This is essential in fighting conditions such as eczema.

The hemp plant is rich in essential polyunsaturated fatty acids. The ratio of these vital fatty acids is 3:1 (omega-6 to omega-3). This is the optimal range needed to deal with inflammation in the human body. People who have enough fatty acids in the blood are not likely to have eczema. In addition to this, hemp oil relieves a dry skin through its soothing properties. Similarly, it reduces the itchiness of the skin.

2. Brain Health

Hemp oil alleviates several brain-related conditions. It has essential properties that help the brain to respond normally in different conditions. For instance, some people complain that they sleep a lot when they use hemp oil. While others say that they lack sleep, this shows hemp oil has a huge influence on how the brain works.

The oil is also rich in fatty acid, which is very healthful to the brain. The brain feeds on salubrious fats to work normally. Therefore, you need to use hemp seed oil to support the wellbeing of your brain.

Several studies show that CBD products have active compounds that can protect against brain tissue inflammation. Polyphenols in hemp seed oil play a huge role in protecting the brain. Feeding the mind with polyphenols allows it to work well.

The Non-psychoactive Effect

Another essential property of hemp oil is the non-psychoactive part. This hemp oil component helps to treat various mental disorders. It also plays a huge role in normalizing the conscious and unconscious brain elements like fear, mood, anxiety and many more.

People with different mental problems are given medicine that has hemp plant extracts. Therefore, the use of hemp seed oil plays a critical role in maintaining brain health.

a) Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects the brain. The condition is a common neurological disorder that kills brain cells, which results in chronic loss of memory and decline of cognitive abilities. Plaques usually initiate it in the brain which has beta-amyloid. Hemp has an abundant lipids profile that is important for the brain.

3. Muscle Tension

Muscle tension leads to severe health conditions. Persistent muscle tension causes wreckage of bloodstreams and muscles. This can, in turn, cause loss of key blood components and inability to move arms and even legs.

Muscle tension is usually caused by the inflammation effect that leads to muscle stressing and deficiency of fats. Hemp oil relieves muscle tension by soothing the muscles and preventing inflammation of different body tissues and organs. The full-spectrum hemp seed oil has traces of CBD/THC assists in relieving general stress and tension in your body muscles.

At times people experience pain after different physical undertakings that involve intense muscle tension. Since hemp oil has fatty acids, it has the anti-inflammatory effect. Fatty acids that are present in hemp seed oil can effectively relieve the tension in the muscles.

Rub some full-spectrum hemp oil or hemp seed oil on to the area affected, and the problem ends within a few hours.

4. Alleviation of Cancer Symptoms

Hemp oil, especially the one with CBD/THC traces, can play a huge role in mitigating various cancer-related symptoms. Some of the common cancer-related symptoms during treatment include vomiting, pain, and nausea.

Medicinal marijuana has CBD and THC, which helps to curb these symptoms. Therefore, using hemp oil that has both CBD and THC properties can help cancer patients experience less pain. Also, during chemotherapy, one might develop treatment-induced nausea brought by full-spectrum hemp oil.

Hemp oil that has both CBD and THC traces works perfectly when administered through the mouth spray. It works even better than the traditional alternative for dealing with cancer treatment-induced symptoms like vomiting.

Also, it has been found the hemp oil has anti-cancer properties, which make it is a vital part of fighting with cancer. The hemp oil anti-cancer properties work by inhibiting the spread of cancer cells in the body.

5. Heart Health

Hemp oil helps to prevent and to remedy various heart-related conditions. Full-spectrum hemp oil has a comprehensive nutrient framework of hemp, which is useful for keeping the heart in a healthy state.

Most societies, especially in the eastern world, have used hemp plant to heal various heat-related conditions. The use of hemp oil in cooking helps reduces the chances of suffering a stroke and other lifestyle-related diseases.

It is now a proven fact that hemp oil has positive implications for the heart on the blood pressure, cholesterol levels, atherosclerosis, and other conditions.

i) Amino acids arginine

Heart diseases are among the leading causes of death all around the world. Interestingly, the use of hemp seed oil or eating whole hemp seeds can cut the risk of having a heart disease. Hemp seeds are rich in amino acids arginine which releases nitric oxide to the body.

Nitric oxide ensures that the bloodstreams dilate and relax normally. When there are a normal expansion and relaxation of the blood vessels, the heart function normally. This lowers blood pressure to a reasonable level hence reduces the chances of developing any heart disease.

Also, the increased use arginine found in hemp oil causes an equal decrease in the level of the C-reactive protein (CRP). C-reactive protein (CRP) is the main cause of inflammation on various body tissues. Therefore, high levels of the C-reactive protein (CRP) can cause a heart.

ii) Linolenic acid

Hemp seed oil has gamma-linolenic acid, which plays a huge role in controlling tissue inflammation. Another essential fatty acids element found in hemp seed oil known as alpha-linolenic acid helps to cut the risks of cardiovascular disease.

In general, linolenic acid is friendly to the heart. It is found in fish and flaxseed oils as well. Moreover, consuming either hemp seeds or their extracts can cut the risk of blood pressure and uncontrollable blood clot formation in the bloodstream. Therefore, use hemp oil to keep your heart healthy.

6. Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is a health concern today. Most people are not able to go about their healthy life because of uncountable cases of anxiety. People who have chronic stress are not allowed to use marijuana. Marijuana has high amounts of THC, which efficiently amplifies the feeling of anxiousness, obsession, and paranoia.

However, Hemp oil works perfectly in reducing anxiety since it lacks THC these components that bombard anxiety generators. Anxiety disorders are always as a result of post-traumatic stress, general anxiety, panic, social anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Therefore, the use of hemp relaxes your muscles and body tissues, which help to cut anxiety initiator.

7.  Menopause and Premenstrual Symptoms

Hemp Seed oil plays a massive role in reducing the symptoms of Menopause and PMS. Physical and emotional can cause abnormality in the woman’s reproductive age. Most women suffer these reproductive symptoms due to premenstrual syndrome (PMS). In most cases, the reproductive symptoms come as a result of the hormones called prolactin reacting.

Prostaglandin (E1)

The oil helps to ease the negative influences of the PMS. The oil has gamma-linolenic acid, which releases prostaglandin (E1). Prostaglandin (E1) from hemp oil reduces the effect of prolactin in women. The symptoms of menopause and premenstrual periods are; tenderness plus breast pain, depression, and mood swings, fluid retention, and irritability. All these are mitigated by taking the right amount of hemp oil.


Epilepsy is a neuro-disturbance disorder that causes unconsciousness. Full-spectrum hemp oil treats epileptic seizures. The CBD properties of hemp oil from resin glands of the hemp plant help to curb the effects of epilepsy. Some of the epileptic seizures which get assuaged by the use of hemp oil are Lennox-Gastaut, Dravet syndrome and a rare genetic condition known as fever seizures. When treating epilepsy using hemp oil, make sure you get advice a qualified doctor.