Half-Day CBD Oil- The Best CBD Oil for Eliminating Stress

Two friends, Dave and Kam, were inspired by the fact that CBD is an answer to several life stresses and ailments. They founded Half day to develop healthy and efficacy hemp-derived products for both man and dogs. Half-Day makes the highest-quality and most reliable organic hemp-derived products. They source their raw hemp plants directly from the certified American farmers and processors.

These products can work correctly for the athletes and gym-goers that have to deal with muscle and joint pains after every workout session. The Best CBD Oil gets rid of the pain and the inflammation caused by a rough workout.

Half-day CBD oil details

Half-Day CBD Oil is 100% organic. The company extracts its CBD oil from plants that are grown using natural farming methods.

The product is Non-GMO. This means that it does not have any traces of additives and chemicals. It does not have herbicides, pesticides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers.

Half-Day CBD Oil does not have psychoactive effects like marijuana. It has less than .03% of THC. Their CBD oil has more CBD and less THC since it is from the Hemp plant.

The processed CBD oil is safe and effective to both human and dogs. Before it is even bottled, the product undergoes a third-party lab test to find out its safety and potency.

Half-Day is American Grown CBD Oil with a wintergreen flavouring.


Where is Half-day CBD oil grown?

  • Clark County KY

Where does Hemp Strain come from?

  •  Victoria


Half-Day CBD Oil potency

  • 1000 mg CBD

Extraction method

  • Super Critical CO2 extraction process


  • Hemp extracts
  • MCT Oil
  • Wintergreen Flavoring

Bottling facility

  •  Kitchen Chicago – 324 N. (Leavitt St. Chicago, IL)


Half-Day Best CBD Oil Batch Records

Half-Day CBD Oil is the most transparent CBD maker. You can confirm the packaging and label to know the batch number where your purchase originates from. For the best information, check out the product batches on the official page. The information helps you to know where each of the products originates from.

Why Purchase Half Day CBD Oil?

  • Half-Day CBD Oil is batch tested.
  • It comes from the American Grown hemp plants. It is easy to monitor the farming methods used by the farmer to grow Hemp.
  • Half-Day offer free Shipping.
  • Quality control – Half Day CBD Oil is pesticide-free, and it goes through extensive scientific testing to make sure consistency, safety, and right potency.
  • As early mentioned, Half Day CBD is the most transparent CBD make. They give all the information about their process of making CBD oil from start to finish.
  • Safe bottling – they bottle their CBD Oil in a local licensed Chicago bottling facility.

Will you get high?

  • Half-Day CBD Oil does not have psychoactive effects. Therefore, you will not get high.

Website Experience

Half-Day has the best website experience. Its customer care plan is reliable. You get in touch with them through email or phone call. Also, they offer free Shipping for orders above $99. The security checkout system helps to secure your details, including your payment information.

 Half-Day CBD Oil delivery options

  • Currently, they offer $4.99 flat rate shipping with a 2 to 4 day delivery times. The delivery time depends on your location.
  • They as well provide stress-free returns and exchanges.
  • As aforementioned, they offer free Shipping for orders above$99.


Half-Day is a transparent, CBD Oil maker. Its products work effectively without side effects. You can use Half Day CBD Oil helps to deal with stress, anxiety, and pain. Make sure you seek the doctor’s advice before using the product.