Ananda Hemp CBD Oil Review

Ananda Hemp is a Cbd processing company that runs its operations under a parent company called Ecofibre Ltd. The company has been in the industry for about eighteen years now. It is widely known for its seed-to-shelf CBD processing. It is one of the world’s largest private cannabis genetic seed bank with more than 300 cultivars and ascensions from each continent.

The company runs all everything right from developing genetic seeds to the production of various CBD products. They bank the highbred seeds from Australia and do the rest in Kentucky. Usually, they include less or no amount of ingredients in developing their line of full-spectrum CBD products.

Quality CBD Brand

Ananda Hemp is among the few CBD industry brands that practice seed-to-shelf brands, alongside PlusCBD and Sunsoil CBD. Their commitment to developing quality products and educating the consumers is second to none. They have a consistent online presence where they post blogs to inform the users on various CBD topics. Their social media channels are ever active as well to update their followers about the upcoming events and new products and prices.



What makes Ananda Hemp different?


  1. Ananda Hemp is one of the earliest brands to start investing in the CBD industry. They have paved the way for many brands. Although these other brands benchmarked from them, they still develop unique products and continue to grow.
  2. They were the first to import hybrid genetic hemp seeds.
  3. They use the best seed from their Australian bank to groom the best plants. That has helped them to produces rich cannabinoid extracts from healthy hemp plants.
  4. The company was one of the first issue with the first pilot licenses to start growing hemp in the United States of America.
  5. Ananda Hemp liaises with Kentucky Department of Agriculture in producing the cleanest and all-natural hemp plants. They can monitor quality control since they are sure of how the plants are grown.
  6. They invest heavily in research and clinical trials to ensure that they make the best products to offer healthful solutions to humans and animals.
  7. It is the first CBD company that has managed to work perfectly with congressmen to lobby for laws that favor hemp industry. This means that they are very passionate about changing lives using hemp extracts.


Farming and Sourcing Practices


As aforementioned, they source hybrid hemp seeds from their parent company Ecofibre Ltd, which is the world’s most-established private cannabis seed bank. Each of their 300+ cultivars certified for agricultural transfer across all the continents. Their farming and sourcing processes get approvals from the United States Drug Enforcement Administration.



Once their seeds reach in the US, they get distributed to various local farms where the industrial pilot program does the registration. From their headquarters in Kentucky, it is easy to oversee the farming programs in various farms. They do not use any chemical, pesticides, or herbicides on their hemp farms.

Green ethanol method of extraction is the main process for extracting and developing their CBD oils. The process ensures a high CBD concentration while reducing the traces of THC.

Third-party Labs

Finally, they take their products to third-party labs for testing before starting to distribute them to the consumers. Their main 3-rd party testing partners are Iron Laboratories, DB Labs and Anresco Laboratories. They all carry out tests for potency, quality, and contaminants.

Ananda Hemp Product Selection

Ananda Hemp makes full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures, capsules, pet oils and topicals. Their CBD oils have CBD profile that is rich in beneficial amino acids, cannabinoids, terpenes, and other essential oils. They as well sell quality apparel that branded ‘Ananda Hemp’. You can visit the official page to see more products and enjoy amazing discounts.

What are the Advantages of Ananda Hemp?

  1. They balance your body’s cell functioning.
  2. They prevent general tissue inflammation of body tissues.
  3. The brand has a perfect  formula that helps to enhance homeostasis.
  4. Their products help to regulate body functions like sleep and appetite.
  5. The CBD is best at enhancing the mood and promoting sexual drive.
  6. They have the best customer service plan.
  7. Ananda Hemp offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for unsatisfactory products. Their refunds take up to 10 business day for processing.

What are the Disadvantages of Ananda Hemp?

  1. Just like other brands their product ingredients and statements are not FDA approved.
  2. Refund money policy on undelivered products is not clear.

Ordering and shipping

Their page is easy to navigate and place an order. They deliver the exact product that you order from their website. However, they have not disclosed information about shipping and their rates. However, they still offer free shipping within the United States of America.


From the above information, you can see Ananda Hemp is reliable and their products are effective. Their CBD products are effective in enhancing the general wellness of the user. Visit their website to place an order today.

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