American Hemp Oil 2500mg CBD Oil – What you Need to Know?

Having the right CBD hemp oil on your side can help you deal with anxiety and pain once and for all. The obstacle is that there are so many brands that knowing the best one becomes a bit tricky. If you are scanning for the best CBD oil that may help you deal with anxiety and pain, then you are at the right place. We have done enough research to provide you with the information that you need to make informed choices.

About the brand ‘American hemp.’

American Hemp is a premium and experienced American brand that manufactures quality hemp oil products. It sources its raw hemp plants from proficient and certified hemp farmers in the USA. The brand ensures that its farmers use seed strains that are rich in phytocannabinoid. American hemp oil extracts its hemp oil from plants that are organically grown. That has made the company to grow gradually and become one of the best American hemp oil brands.

What is American Hemp Oil 2500mg CBD Oil?

One of their main hemp oil products is the Hemp Oil 2500mg CBD Oil. It has the highest potency and value. The product has unflavored hemp oil supplements that are important in supporting health and vitality. American hemp extracts 2500mg CBD Oil offers increased levels of potency in every drop at an affordable price per mg.


Qualities of American Hemp oil 2500mg CBD oil

  •  It has an unflavored mild earthy hemp flavour.
  • Also, it is 100% organic.
  • Has 2500mg per bottle (Broad Spectrum CBD).
  • Non-GMO product.
  • Do not have herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers.
  • It is a non-psychoactive (it has 0% THC).
  • The tests are done by a third-party to find out the product’s purity and potency.
  • It does not have any traces of heavy metals.


What are the ingredients?

Every bottle of the American Hemp oil 2500mg CBD oil is produced using different natural ingredients. The product has Hemp extracts, natural peppermint, and organic Hemp Seed Oil. Each ingredient in these extracts makes the product very effective and safe for human and animal use. The product is 100% safe and free from any significant side effects. Their CBD formulas are also THC free. The following are the main ingredients that are found in each bottle of the American Hemp Oil 2500mg CBD oil.


  •   Cannabidiol Hemp Extracts (a 500mg bottle has 16mg/ml).
  •   Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT Oil) from coconut oil (a 1000mg bottle has 33mg/ml).
  • Full Terpenes Blend (a 2500mg bottle contains 83mg/ml).

How is American Hemp Oil 2500mg CBD Oil extracted?

The developers extract the 2500mg American hemp oil from a non-GMO grown hemp crop. The extracts are gently made non-psychoactive by eliminating all the traces of THC. After THC elimination, they add proprietary terpenes to give its signature taste and flavour.


Why choose American Hemp oil 2500mg CBD oil?

It is the best Hemp oil for alleviating pain and anxiety. Here are reasons why you should choose this product.

  1. American hemp oil is manufactured in the USA by a veteran brand.
  2. It is the best Hemp oil in the market. It acts as a natural anti-inflammatory product that helps in reducing oxidative stress. Moreover, this concentration of Hemp seed oil extracts helps with relieving chronic pain and muscle soreness. It eliminates joint pain, arthritis pain and boosts the user’s immunity.
  3. American hemp oil is an organic, Hemp oil product that works. The extracts are hemp supplements enriched and then loaded with healthful fatty acids (Omega-3, 6, 9). All of the ingredients used are naturally sourced. They work well your body and not against it. Therefore, you will not experience side effects.
  4. It improves your sleep patterns. American Hemp Oil 2500mg CBD oil helps to improve the quality of sleep. The tincture is natural to administer and quick to respond without having a nasty taste in your mouth. It works by slowing down your active mind, which promotes high quality and sound sleep. You wake up feeling relaxed, and it improves your productivity.


How to use American Hemp Oil 2500mg CBD Oil?

 The tincture is easy to administer. It does not have a nasty oil taste when sited under your tongue. Shake well and take 30 drops (2/3 dropper) 1or two times a day. You can as well seek a prescription from an experienced physician. The oil absorbs into the body sublingually.

  •  Place one dropper under your tongue
  • Hold it there four 10-30 seconds.
  • Swallow it.

You will feel the effect of the tincture after about 10-15 minutes after absorption.


 Why buy from the official website?

  • The products are 100% Natural
  • They offer a 90-day guarantee
  • They provide free shipping locally and only $10.00 fee for international shipping.
  • The third-party lab test database is displayed on the website for reference.

Source of Raw Hemp

As the name American Hemp Oil suggests, they strictly live to that. All their raw whole-hemp plants come from local farms in Colorado, USA. Sourcing their industrial hemp from local farmers helps them to monitor the type of farming practices the farmers use. American Hemp Oil encourages its farmers to use organic farming methods to grow their hemp. Therefore, the raw hemp that they use to extract cannabidiol is fertilizer-free, pesticide-free, and free from other chemicals.

Extraction Process

After sourcing quality hemp, the next step is to sort out and extract oil. Some companies may source organic hemp but end up messing the purity by using poor oil extraction methods. American Hemp Oil uses the best and safest techniques to extract their oils. Their hemp oil extraction process is triple extraction. 

Triple hemp oil extraction is a great technology that extracts the purest form of CBD oils. Actually, their final CBD oil products meet the industry standards. After the extraction, the oil is then cold-pressed before storage. Through this process, they can prevent any foreign chemicals from getting in contact with their hemp oil. Also, they manage to eliminate a great percentage of THC to a level that the law demands (less than 0.3% THC). Therefore, you do not have to panic about drug tests when using American Hemp Oil products.

Lab Testing

Before they start supplying their hemp oil products, American Hemp Oil conducts both in-house and third-party lab tests. They make the third-party lab results available for scrutiny on their online stores. Mainly, the lab test results are included in the products that they display.

You can as well visit their “Lab Tests” page to compare the test results between different hemp oil products. They claim that all the certificates of analysis are current and are available for all products.

They carry third-party lab testing to determine the potencies and purity of the products. Therefore, make sure you check out the lab report for every product before placing an order.

Taste of their CBD oil products

Unlike other brands, American Hemp Oil tries to retain the natural light earthy taste of hemp. Some people do not like the natural taste of hemp oil products. For this reason, they try to diversify the methods of consumption to meet the needs of all users. Always ensure that you check on the flavor before buying the product.

Shopping Experience 

According to their customers, the shopping experience on their official online store is magnificent. Their website is straightforward to navigate and purchase your preferred CBD oil product. If you want to compare the third-party results, you can always find them easily on the home page of the site.

Also, customers commend them for making it easy to compare the strengths and prices of various products. They also provide additional information about their company to help you understand what they are really about. Such information seems trivial, but it helps to win the trust of the new clients. Another great thing about shopping at American Hemp Oil is that they offer both local and worldwide shipping options. 

Within the United States, they offer free shipping while on international shipment, they charge reasonable fees. They have a great customer care service that allows you to make follow-ups on your orders. 

American Hemp Oil Ingredients

Every vial of American Hemp Oil contains blended natural ingredients that supplement your diet. All these ingredients are not only organic but also effective and safe. You, therefore, do not have to be skeptical about the ingredients because they cause no serious side effects. 

American Hemp Oil makes sure that the level of THC is below the threshold (less than 0.3% THC). Although nobody can verify if the results are legit, they at least try to be open about the lab reports.

The main ingredients that you will get in a bottle of American Hemp Oil include:

  1.  Cannabidiol hemp extracts.
  2. Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT oil). This comes from coconut oil to help increase the solubility of the oils. This career oil is organic.
  3. Full terpenes blend.

American Hemp Oil Product Line

Although their product line is essential, they try to diversify the consumption method to meet the needs of different users. Their few product options include topicals, sublingual tinctures, capsules, and even products for pets. The following are the application styles that American Hemp Oil manages to feature.

1. CBD Oil

You ingest this product by dropping the oil beneath the tongue. Allow it to settle for 30 seconds to increase absorption and then swallow. American Hemp Oil drops come in three main potencies (500mg, 1000mg, and 2500mg). They give more options regarding the strengths to allow new CBD users to experiment and see which one their bodies can tolerate. Always try to start with less potency as you advance.

2. CBD Capsules

American Hemp Oil came up with capsules to cater to those who do not like the earthy taste of their natural oil drops. Their capsules are convenient because they do not consume space. All you need is to carry water wherever you go. They are also excited to use because they are easy to ingest. Using American Hemp Oil capsules does not feel like medication, and they motivate one to use daily. The capsules come in two potencies (25mg and 50mg per capsule).

3. CBD Cream

If you do not prefer ingesting any form of CBD oils, American Hemp Oil supplies creams for you. Their CBD cream is an all-natural topical product that helps to alleviate everyday body aches and pains. They are much better than conventional inflammation creams. They act faster than CBD oil drops and capsules. American Hemp oil cream absorbs very first through the skin. They are specifically made to deal with joint and muscle pains. If you are suffering from arthritis and other aches, American Hemp Oil cream is the best application style for you. Unfortunately, American Hemp offers a single potency of 500mg.

4. CBD for Pets

Last but not least, American Hemp Oil manufactures remedies for even pets. Their CBD for the furry companions helps to deal with seizures, anxiety, and pains in dogs. These products are only meant for animals. To entice your pet with the product, they mix with bacon flavor. The only available potency for pets is 600mg of American Hemp Oil for pets. This strength is ideal in treating all chronic conditions regarding their sizes and weight.

Benefits of American Hemp Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) is believed to be a popular treatment for most chronic conditions. American Hemp Oil is one of the many compounds that are present in marijuana. They try to separate CBD from THC during the extraction of hemp oil. This allows them to come up with products that do not give a psychoactive effect to the user. The final product is nutritious and may have an immense impact on the wellbeing of the body. According to the users of American Hemp Oil, these are the benefits you can get from their products:

  1. It may provide almost relief from pain. American Hemp Oil cream is great at dealing with inflammation that causes aches and pains on the joints and muscles. 
  2. It may help in reducing anxieties and depression. Anxiety and depression can affect your life in a huge way. Anxiety and depression affect your mental stability. And the most common symptom of depression is insomnia. To fight insomnia, you should try to use American Hemp Oil drops twice a day.
  3. May Relieve cancerous symptoms – Researchers claim that American Hemp Oil can help to supplement in the treatment of tumors. Most cancer patients go through a lot of pain and loss of appetite. By suppressing the pain and increasing appetite, you get to heal faster.
  4. May Lead to Reduction of skin acne – skin acne emerges when there is inflammation of the tissue beneath the skin. American Hemp Oil products have anti-inflammation properties that aid in dealing with swollen body tissue and various skin conditions, including acne.
  5. Can Improve heart health – according to some users, they saw a significant improvement in their blood pressure levels. 

Side Effects of American Hemp Oil products

Even though American Hemp Oil works great for most users, some experience a couple of side effects. However, some of these side effects are tolerable, while others are unbearable. Here are the common side effects that affect some of the users of American Hemp Oil.

  1. It may lead to a change in appetite and weight (varies with individuals).
  2. Nausea.
  3. Diarrhea.
  4. Fatigue.


Before you commence using American Hemp Oil products, make sure you are not on other medications. Always consult your doctor before ingesting American Hemp Oil. It is possible that some medications can react with American Hemp Oil to cause more health problems. This does not only involve the use of American Hemp Oil alone but other CBD products as well. Take caution!


    • Free shipping within the U.S.
    • It offers Batch-specific laboratory test results.
    • All American Hemp Oil products are non-psychoactive (less than 0.3% THC).
    • It provides worldwide shipping at an affordable fee.
    • American hemp oil offers discounts for military members.
    • All-natural raw hemp.
    • No hangovers.


    • If you are looking for the full-spectrum hemp products, American Hemp Oil may not be the ideal brand for you.
    • Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of American Hemp Oil is that it is generally expensive compared to similar products. But the price does not affect what it has to offer on your overall health.
    • According to some clients, it never helped them to get enough sleep. However, this is just a case in some users, and not all that use American Hemp Oil products.

Final opinion

Being one of the most consistent CBD companies in the U.S, American Hemp Oil tries to help different people regain their health. Regardless of the few cons highlighted above, they still manage to make quality products. You can try their drops, creams, or capsules to see which one works best for you. Always remember to consult a doctor before going for CBD products. American Hemp Oil is not a diagnostic product and is not approved by FDA for diagnostic purposes.